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  1. Recruiting City staff and students

Recruiting City staff and students for research projects

Before you can recruit participants from City for a research project, you will need to gain permission from Senate Research Ethics Committee.

Procedure for obtaining permission

Researchers wishing to recruit staff or students from City, University of London will need to submit a request to the

Recruitment should not commence until permission has been given.

Please note that permission for access is not the same as ethical approval - your responses will not be submitted for additional ethical review.

This also applies to City, University of London staff and students who have obtained ethics approval from an external (non-City) research ethics committee, e.g. the National Research Service or another university.

You will need to provide:

  • Justification for why City staff and/or students need to be recruited for the study;
  • Evidence that the study has ethical approval;
  • A copy of the submitted ethics application form;
  • Copies of consent forms and information sheets;
  • Details of intended recruitment methods, including copies of any advertisements;
  • Evidence that permission has been granted from the relevant Dean(s) of School(s) and/or Head(s) of Department(s) from which you are recruiting;
  • Evidence that suitable insurance arrangements are in place as City, University of London would not be liable for the research.