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Research integrity

We expect our staff and students to seek to maintain the highest achievable standards in their research conduct. Support and guidance in achieving research integrity are provided through several routes:

  • City, University of London Framework for Good Practice in Research
  • Research Ethics Framework
  • Research Governance through City's Research & Enterprise Committee which is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of research and development of City research policies
  • Local School Research and Research Ethics Committees
  • Other City policies and guidance that relate to research, including in particular those on Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Information Compliance.

Annual research integrity report to Council

City, University of London is committed to ensuring continued compliance with the Concordat to Support Research Integrity and to support and embed a culture of research integrity.

The annual reports will highlight good practice and procedures as applicable to the year in question and will report on issues, developments and enhancements relevant to the institutional governance and operational framework for research integrity.

The reports will be designed to be independent of previous years, and some repetition can therefore be expected in future reports.

Note that in this report research ethics is treated as a subdivision of research integrity.

Read the annual Research Integrity reports

City, University of London Framework for Good Practice in Research

A joint request from the Research Councils requires all institutions in receipt of funds to have an appropriate policy and related procedures in place for sound scientific conduct in research, including an appropriate procedure for investigating allegations of misconduct. City complies with this requirement through its Framework for Good Practice in Research.

The Framework applies to all staff and students who are engaged in or support research activity and is intended to assist City in achieving its strategic goal to support high quality research.

Download the framework document

Research ethics

City's Research Ethics Committees are concerned with all aspects of the ethics of research investigations involving human participants and animal subjects carried out in the institution or under the auspices of the institution, by its Schools, staff or students.

The Research Ethics Committees provide assistance to academic staff, associated professional staff and students through the provision of compliance and policy advice and approval of research protocols containing ethical implications. City operates a framework of delegated authority, with some local committees in Schools or Departments, all reporting to the Senate Research Ethics Committee.

Support and advice on obtaining research ethics approval is provided through the City's Research Office.

Research data management

City is committed to supporting high quality research which is why the institution has created a comprehensive online guide on research data management.

Research Data Management impacts all researchers at City as it covers all of the activities that happen to data before and during a research project. These guidelines have been created to ensure that City's researchers can easily access information on how they can organise, plan and reuse their data during their projects; as well as the RCUK Councils' requirements around handling, storing and open access data.

Research Data Management is also supported by Figshare, City's institutional research data repository where researchers will be able to share and publish data that support their publications.