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Principles of good research practice

Good practice in research is based on the maintenance of professional standards. The Nolan Committee on Standards in Public Life identified Seven Principles of Public Life as selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. The UKRIO Code of Conduct further identifies the key principles in good research practice as excellence, honesty, integrity, co-operation, accountability, providing and obtaining the necessary training and skills, and safety. City members are expected to adhere to these principles and in particular must ensure:

  • The application of the highest possible standards of honesty, confidentiality, care and integrity in planning, developing, completing and disseminating a piece of research, including consideration of the potential impact of the research on others (whether directly or indirectly), and in the acknowledgement of the direct and indirect contributions of others.
  • A continuing engagement in developments in relevant subjects and disciplines, including their methodologies.
  • Clear planning, rationale and methodologies for each research project (see Good research design).
  • A critical approach to one’s own research results and a willingness to engage with others in discussion of both the approach taken and the research findings.
  • Compliance with regulations laid down by City and funding or other relevant research bodies (e.g. the NHS) as well as legal, health and safety, and moral obligations. This includes consideration in all cases of whether the research to be undertaken has ethical implications and where necessary seeking and abiding by the appropriate ethical approval for the research (see Ethical approval of research).