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RAE Results

Results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 were published on 18th December 2014. The REF is an exercise to appraise research quality at all UK higher education research institutions, and is the successor of RAE.

View City's REF 2014 results

City celebrated a significant improvement in its research ratings across the Institute, following the publication of the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) results, with 15 areas identified as achieving world-leading quality in terms of originality, significance and rigour and over 80% of submitted activity rated as recognised internationally or better. More information on City's own results.

The RAEViewer below was developed by a member of academic staff from the City giCentre and provides a simple-to-use graphical representation of the RAE results for each of the 67 Units of Assessment ordered according to the selected criteria.


To view the RAE scores for a particular unit of assessment (UoA), select it from the list of the 67 UoAs below. Darker red colours represent higher quality research output either as a proportion of submitted staff (select 'staff'), scaled by the volume of staff submitted (select 'staff counts') or scaled by the amount of QR funding expected (select 'QR funding').

Institutions can be ranked using various criteria by selecting the appropriate item in the 'Order by' column. For example selecting '4*' will rank institutions by the proportion or volume of 4* research. '4* + 3*' will rank by the combined 4* and 3* research output. 'GPA (4-3-2-1)' will rank by Grade Point Average weighting 4* research by 4, 3* by 3 etc. This is the basis of the rankings used by Times Higher, the Guardian and Research Fortnight when the RAE results were published. 'GPA (8-4-2-1)' is similar, but gives greater weight to 4* research. 'GPA (7-3-1-0)' is the weighting which was used to allocate QR funding by HEFCE in the first year these results were applied (this does not take into account additional multipliers used in the funding formula by the Funding Councils).