City Short Courses: Narrative Non-Fiction

Join Narrative Non-fiction tutor Peter Forbes on his short course at City University London to enhance and further your writing skills.

Career perspectives

Ready to take the leap and freelance? Eager to write your memoir? Want to improve your copywriting skills? Whatever your goal when it comes to non-fiction, we have the expertise you need for success.

We have an expanding portfolio of courses, from beginners to advanced, to help you take your writing to the next level. Each year, we help many students develop non-fiction writing skills across a wide range of areas.

Study non-fiction your way

Whether you want to write newspaper articles, blogs or social media posts, our non-fiction courses are designed to enable you to develop your writing across a range of platforms.

We make sure our part-time courses can fit around your lifestyle. Join us after work in the evenings or study with us at the weekend. You also have the choice of intensive training over one weekend or spreading out study across a term.