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City has spaces available across a wide variety of courses, with applications open to UK and international students alike.

If you have your results, you can apply online now. You will either receive an instant decision, or an exclusive phone number to contact us to discuss your application in more detail.

Making an online application: how to complete City's Clearing Web Form.

What is Clearing and Adjustment?

Clearing and Adjustment can be the perfect solution if you need to make new plans fast.

  • If your results aren't what you were hoping for, if you've changed your mind about where to study, or if you made a UCAS application but hold no offers, you can explore other course vacancies through Clearing.
  • If your results are better than you expected, you can apply through Adjustment.

CityBot can help with many frequently asked questions about Clearing. If you need to know more about what Clearing is or how it works, CityBot may be able to give you an instant answer.

Unsure what Clearing is, when it starts and what you need to know to get ready? Our essential Clearing tips will help you prepare for applying to City this summer.

Support with your Clearing application

If you have any questions or issues surrounding your online Clearing application, or CityBot couldn't provide you with an instant answer, you can contact us for information.

If you are applying to a course in the School of Health Sciences (excluding Optometry), you can email your question directly to

We can help you with:

  • Questions or problems with your application
  • More information about what our courses are like
  • What to expect from student life at City
  • Details of services on offer at the University.

If you already have an offer from City during the main UCAS cycle and just want to know what happens next, you should also contact our team here before making a new online application.

Alice and Ben's Clearing experience

Ben and Alice both found their place at City through Clearing. Hear them discuss their experiences of the process and what they've since gone on to achieve.