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  2. Offer, confirmation and registration - BPTC

Offer, confirmation and registration - BPTC

We are delighted that you applied to undertake postgraduate study at City, University of London.

Here is a guide on the next steps about receiving an offer, how to confirm your place and finally register as a City student.

We hope that you will find the information on this site helpful as you make preparations to embark on your study with us.

Please note for the 2019/20 academic year we will only offer a full time BPTC.

Receiving your offer

Offers will be notified by email and online via the application portal (BarSAS).The standard entry conditions are below but you should check your formal offer email to see your specific conditions.

  • Obtaining a minimum lower second class honours in a Qualifying Law Degree OR at least lower second class honours in a non-law degree AND a Pass in the CPE/GDL.
  • Being confirmed as a member of one of the four Inns of Court. Please note that the application deadline for Inn membership is usually the last working day of May. Please consult the website of the Inn you wish to join as soon as possible to confirm their deadlines.
  • Passing the Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT). Details of how to register and schedule the test are available at BCAT Registration. We encourage you to take the test as soon as possible after it opens to ensure you pass it before the deadline. Please note the deadline to pass the test has not yet been confirmed but it is usually mid to late August.
  • Being able to demonstrate that your oral and written English language ability is at least equivalent to a minimum score of 7.5 in each section of the IELTS academic test or a minimum score of 73 in each section of the Pearson Test of English. You will be asked to sign a declaration to this effect before commencing the course. Please note if you have completed your LLB entirely outside the UK you will be required to show evidence of having met the English language requirement.

You will not be able to register for the course if you cannot provide evidence that these conditions have been met.

Your offer will be valid for either the Postgraduate Diploma in Bar Professional Training or the LLM in Bar Professional Training.

Responding to your offer

Accepting the offer is a two-stage process. Firstly, please ensure you have accepted our offer online via the BPTC application portal. Secondly, please complete the online acceptance form (a link is included in your formal offer email and make the deposit payment)  by the deadline on your offer letter.

Deposit payment should be made online using your student number which can be found on your offer letter. For further details of how to pay please see the section on paying your deposit/tuition fees.

An offer will not be considered to have been formally accepted until we receive the acceptance form and the offer has been accepted on BarSAD.

At the time of acceptance you will indicate whether you wish to study the Postgraduate Diploma or the LLM.

Please note that, in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations, you have 14 days from the time we receive your acceptance and deposit in which to cancel your acceptance. After such time your deposit will become non-refundable.

All acceptances will be acknowledged by email. We will contact you at various points over the summer by post and email, so it is important to inform us if you change either address. You will receive regular updates on the School, the course and the wider University regularly over the coming months.

Confirming your place

Once you have accepted your place you will need to provide evidence that you meet the conditions of your offer before you will be invited to register. If you are an international student and require a Tier 4 visa it is important you do this as early as possible as you cannot apply for a visa until we have proof that you meet the entry conditions.

Firstly, please ensure you have accepted the offer online (via the website through which you applied for the course) as well as returned the acceptance form and paid the deposit.

Then you need to do the following:

  1. Send us a copy of your full LLB or GDL results transcript showing you have achieved the conditions set out in your offer letter as soon as it is available and by 29th July 2019 for international students or 27th August 2019 for home/EU students.
  2. Provide us with evidence of Inn Membership (ideally either a scan or photocopy of your membership card or letter from the Inn confirming membership) as soon as it is available. Please note that the last date to apply for Inn membership is generally the last working day of May (check with your Inn to be sure).
  3. Pass the BCAT and send evidence of doing so by the dates mentioned above. You will be given confirmation you have passed at the test centre. You should email a copy of this to us.

If you are undertaking your LLB/GE LLB or GDL at The City Law School you do not need to provide evidence of your results. We will, of course, obtain these directly.

Once you have accepted your place, you can look ahead to starting with us. The start dates are as follows:

  • Full-time BPTC: registration day provisionally scheduled for Friday 13th September. Teaching will commence on Monday 16th September 2019.

Below you can find out about further key dates for your calendar, along with information about timetables and reading lists.

Online registration

Online registration is scheduled to open in early August 2019. Once online registration has opened and you have met all of the conditions of your offer you will receive an automated email from City inviting you to register for the course online. Please note that you cannot register online until you have received this email.

Online registration is a relatively straightforward process. You will be asked to confirm course details and personal details (full name, address, date of birth etc.). You will also be prompted to pay the first instalment of your fees if you have not already done so. You do not have to complete online registration all at once, you can return to it later, however please ensure that it is completed before Registration Day.

When you have successfully completed the online registration process you will receive a Registration Certificate. Please print this and bring it with you to Registration Day. Please note that you will not be a registered student of City until you have completed both online and in-person registration.

In-person registration

In late August/early September you will receive further details about in-person registration with your specified time and giving you details of the events taking place on this date. At registration you will also receive the first set of your materials for Term 1.

  • In-person registration for the full-time BPTC is expected to take place on Friday 13th September 2019.

Preparing to start

On Registration Day you will complete the formalities of registration, this will include checking all students eligibility to study in the UK (so you will need to bring your passport/visa), and issuing your student card. The first batch of course materials will also be distributed including a number of text books.

The schedule for Registration Day 2019 is yet to be finalised but it's likely there will be other induction activities scheduled on this day including an introductory talk from the Course Director.

There is no required preparation prior to the course. Before joining the BPTC you will have completed a Qualifying Law Degree or the Graduate Diploma in Law, which will have covered the most important legal subjects, particularly crime, contract, tort and, to some extent, land law. Knowledge of the fundamentals of these subjects will therefore be assumed on the BPTC, and you will be doing a range of exercises in which you will be applying law from these areas in advising and representing clients. It may be advisable that you ensure that your understanding of these subjects is refreshed, because on the BPTC the focus will be on using the law in order to achieve results for your clients, rather than in developing your understanding of the law. If you have studied evidence before, you may wish to revise your knowledge of it too, as it is an essential part of life at the Bar, but there is no need to have any detailed knowledge of this subject as it is taught on the BPTC.

Receiving your timetable

You will be emailed your timetable for Registration and Induction Week (the week commencing 16th September) in late August/early September.

Timetables for the remainder of Term 1 will be issued during Induction Week. The nature of the BPTC (fixed groups of 12 students and six students for advocacy) means we cannot finalise your group and, therefore, your personal timetable, until we know exactly who has registered.

You will be timetabled for classes three days per week, with one day guaranteed to be free from teaching (your 'Preparation Day', available for research, preparation and professional development activities) and one further clear day in most weeks, but on which you may occasionally have timetabled teaching. Students should be aware that some activities might be scheduled on their Preparation Day, for example assessments, etc.

Students will be allocated a Preparation Day at the start of the course. It is not possible to choose your Preparation Day, however if you have special circumstances, such as medical requirements, religious observance, childcare or travel arrangements, which may result in you having difficulty attending on a particular day, please inform the School, and where possible we will attempt to accommodate them.

All requests should be sent to the Timetabling Department at cls-gip-timetabling@city.ac.uk by the end of July.

You can expect one early (9am) start each week. The timetable is designed so that all students have an equal share of early classes. Other than in exceptional circumstances, students are not permitted to alter any timetabled classes. Classes will be spread through the day, with no more than four hours' consecutive teaching. There may be occasional 7.30pm finishes, particularly during Options teaching at the end of the course, but normally classes finish by 6pm.

You will be asked to choose your options in October. The teaching of the Option subjects takes place in the final term. Your choice of options will result in a change of tutorial group. New timetables will be issued for the Options period based on your chosen subjects.

NB: When Options are taught, your Preparation Day may change. It may not be possible to accommodate special requirements regarding non-teaching days during the Options period, however we will endeavour to continue similar arrangements where possible.

Reading lists

There is no set reading list for the BPTC. You will be issued with course materials at appropriate points during the course, including at Registration. These materials will include key text books.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I study the BPTC at The City Law School?

  • Advocacy is taught in groups of six and also one-to-one;
  • A specialist Pupillage Advisory Service (PAS), providing a range of support including mock interviews, which is available as soon as you accept your place;
  • An extensive range of pro bono activities;
  • An integrated skills focused course, which follows cases from initial contact with the client through to trial and any appeal, and over twice as much Advocacy as required by the Bar Standards Board;
  • A choice of 11 options subjects, including three based on clinical pro bono work;
  • Experienced and approachable teaching and support staff, including the authors of most of the text books used by all BPTC providers;
  • Classes normally timetabled over three days per week;
  • Access to a full range of student support services, including dedicated postgraduate accommodation and two specialist law libraries.
  • A large number of scholarships
  • The chance to obtain an LLM by completing either a dissertation or reflective portfolio based on supervised Pro Bono work, for no extra cost.
  • An automatic fee waiver of £1500 for students wh hold a first class undergraduate degree.

How will you help me obtain a pupillage?

We have a highly successful Pupillage Advisory Service with a proven track record in helping students obtain pupillage, which organises a number of different activities to support students in their quest to obtain pupillage. These include:

  • One-to-one advice sessions and CV clinics with members of our PAS team, all of whom are barristers with experience of involvement in pupillage selection for their Chambers
  • Mock Pupillage Interviews
  • Mock Pupillage Advocacy exercises
  • Lectures and workshops on the Pupillage Application Process
  • A lecture on preparing for practice with an accountant specialising in barristers' accounts.

In addition you will have access to City’s Careers Service.

We also offer a number of other activities, such as Pro Bono work, which can help you to boost your CV and make you more attractive to chambers and, by scheduling your classes over three days, we assist you to undertake professional development activities such as mini-pupillages whilst you are on the course.

How can I find out more about the Pupillage Advisory Service?

The School is committed to assisting our students in the search for Pupillage and once you accept your place, you will have access to the School's Pupillage Advisory Service.

The Pupillage Advisory Service is dedicated to providing the best advice, information and assistance for those looking for pupillage, and for those who have already obtained pupillage.

Details of Pupillage Advisory Service events can be found on our website. You can also follow us on Twitter @CLSPupillageAdv.

To book an appointment with a Pupillage Advisor please contact cls-gip-school-office@city.ac.uk.

Can I begin the course after the stated registration date?

This is best avoided. Teaching starts on the day following registration so any student who registers late will immediately be at a disadvantage. Arrangements for late starts can be made in exceptional circumstances; please put a request in writing to the Admissions Officer explaining the reason you're making the request. It will then be considered by the relevant Course Director.

However, please note that any student given permission to register late will need to make up all missed work (in order to comply with the attendance requirement) and registration more than one week after Registration Day will only be permitted in wholly exceptional circumstances. Under no circumstances will any students be permitted to register more than two weeks after the start of the course.

Can I request to be in a group with a friend?

Please make any such requests to the Timetabling Department by the end of July. We cannot guarantee to accommodate this but we are willing to look at grouping students from the same university together within reason. That is to say that we will allow up to four students from any one institution to be in the same group. You should be satisfied that you are all happy with the arrangement before making the request and also consider any other specific timetabling needs you might have amongst yourselves (a certain day off each week, for example). Please also note that this arrangement applies to standard tutor groups of 12, we do not guarantee groupings for advocacy classes where students are taught in groups of six.

What are the differences between the Postgraduate Diploma and the LLM?

The Postgraduate Diploma is simply the taught element of the BPTC and is the required vocational stage of training to be Called to the Bar of England & Wales.  The LLM includes an additional dissertation or reflective portfolio based on Pro Bono work. If you study the LLM your course will end in September instead of June. The dissertation will be between 7,500 and 10,000 words and focus on an area taught on the BPTC. The reflective portfolio (7,500- 10,000 words) will be based on supervised Pro Bono work. Both routes of study enable you to be called to the Bar and undertake Pupillage.

Whichever route you take, you will receive a BPTC classification upon completion of the taught element of the course. (If you're on the Postgraduate Diploma this will also be the classification of your University award.  If you choose the LLM you will also receive an LLM classification once you have successfully completed all assessments including the dissertation/ reflective portfolio). Whether you undertake the Postgraduate Diploma or the LLM you will be certified as completing the BPTC vocational qualification, and therefore be eligible for Call to the Bar once you've successfully completed the taught element of the course.