1. Postgraduate Applicants: LPC
  2. Preparing for PG study at City

Preparing for PG study at City

Once you have confirmed and registered, you can look ahead to starting with us. Here you can find out more about timetables, key dates for your calendar and reading lists.

Preparing to start

On Registration Day (11th September 2017) you will complete the formalities of registration, this will include checking all students eligibility to study in the UK (so you will need to bring your passport), and issuing your student card. The first batch of course materials will also be distributed including a number of text books (these can be heavy so you are advised to bring a small wheeled suitcase or similar).

The schedule for Registration Day 2017 is yet to be finalised but it's likely there will be other Induction Activities scheduled on this day including an introductory talk from the Course Director.

Receiving your timetable

You will receive your timetable for the first two weeks (Foundation Period) when you register. You will receive your timetable for the rest of the term during the Foundation Period.

Classes will usually take place four days per week, with Wednesdays kept clear of teaching (although they may occasionally contain assessments). Teaching takes place from 9am to 6pm. It is likely that you will have some opportunity to express a preference as to whether your teaching is concentrated toward the morning or the afternoon. Further details about this will be sent to students in July.

Reading lists

There is no set reading list for the LPC. You will be issued with course materials at appropriate points during the course, including at Registration. These materials will include key text books.