1. Postgraduate Applicants: Health
  2. Preparing for PG study at City

Preparing for PG study at City

Once you have confirmed and registered, you can look ahead to starting with us. Here you can find out more about timetables, key dates for your calendar and reading lists.

Preparing to start

You will be sent an invite to Induction with a timetable for the day and all the information you require on where and when to arrive. A detailed map of the Campus can be found on our Visit City pages.

Receiving your timetable

We recognise that knowing your timetable in advance would be helpful for you to be able to plan your life when you start at City, University of London. While we cannot provide you with your exact timetable until near the start of the programme, you can obtain some basic timetable information e.g. teaching days by emailing pghealth@city.ac.uk. Your course office will email your specific timetable to you shortly before the beginning of the course.

Reading lists

If there is any required pre-course reading, your Programme Director will inform you directly of this. You will be informed of the required reading for the course at induction.

Alternatively, module pages on our virtual learning environment Moodle will usually contain this information. You will have access to these following the completion of in-person registration.