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About the Student Portal

What is the Student Portal?

The City, University of London Student Portal is a new web development for academic year 2014/15 that provides students with shortcuts to key student information and institution systems.

How do I access the Student Portal?

The Portal homepage is available as a link at the top of City's website, in the 'Global Navigation' section, titled 'Student Portal'. It is also available by entering the URL directly:

We recommend you bookmark this link!

What can I see when I login?

After you log-in, you will be directed to the Portal homepage. The image above shows a screenshot of what the Student Portal looks like. You can log-in on all modern mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

You will see a number of coloured tiles that provide links to your personal email and calendar, and other tiles and links that direct you to specific applications and information. You will also be able to view announcements to students. Hovering over a tile will display a message about the contents of that tile. Clicking on a link will launch the tile in a new browser tab, with the Portal homepage being retained on the original tab.

What is the Welcome/Personal information tile?

The Welcome/Personal info tile displays information about you: your first name, and your home School or Department. This is based on the information held on you in your IT account. If any of the information displayed is incorrect, please contact the IT Service Desk to let them know.

The personal information being displayed in the Portal in phase 1 is limited, although this is expected to grow over time as the Portal develops.

What services does the Student Portal contain?

The Student Portal brings together a number of key information sources together in one convenient location. Over time, a greater detail of individual personalisation will be introduced. Please remember this is only the first Phase of a Student Portal. To do this we to need receive your feedback and user experience in this version. You can give us feedback via the Portal Feedback link on the top right hand side of the Student Portal.

Entering the Student Portal URL will open the Portal log-in page. You can enter either your computing services username (e.g. abcd123), or your City email address. You will have activated your account as part of City's online registration process, along with your password.

  • Announcements. This allows City to provide you with key information without having to rely solely on email. You can also view the list of announcements to see previous notices.
  • Office 365 (My Email, My Calendar, One Drive)
    Office 365 is City's webmail service for your City account. You can access these via the tiles on the Student Portal homepage.
  • Moodle
    Moodle is City's Online Learning Environment, designed to enhance your learning experience by providing access to course information, materials and activities, and assignment submission and communication tools. You can access Moodle from the Portal homepage, and from the City's homepage via the 'Moodle' link in the Global Navigation at the top of City's website.
  • Update My Details (e:Vision)
    The Update My Details tile gives you access to the information held in your Student Record. This includes personal information, and academic records related to your programme. In e:Vision, you can view your record, update your personal details, and you can also print bank and student status letters.
  • IT Service Desk (Service Now)
    The IT Service Desk is the first point of contact for all IT enquiries, regardless of which site you are based at. The IT Service Desk will give you professional advice and resolve your IT problem over the phone, via email and face-to-face. Service Now is the software used by the IT Service Desk - you can raise a job online to request IT support or an IT service. You can also go to the IT Service Desk in person (room E101, or at the Cass Learning Resources Centre), or by telephone on +44 (0)20 7040 8181.
  • Library
    The City Library website is available from within the Student Portal. You can access library services, information, subject guides, and more. You can also search City's catalogue, and access electronic resources.
  • City Sports
    Information on City Sports & Leisure activities. This is a great way to get to know people and develop employable skills.
  • Careers
    Here you will find your gateway to careers information, from where you can access a range of support options including employer events, career workshops, one-to-one advice, print and online resources, and more to help you develop employability skills and build your career. Cass postgraduate students can also access the Cass Career and Professional Development Centre.
  • City Students' Union
    Access to the City, University of London Students Union (CULSU) website.
  • Your Academic Timetable
    This is a link to City's Timetabling site. This is not a personalised timetable, but rather a calendar for your personal use. You will also have access to a calendar in Moodle, for calendar information about your academic modules. You should contact your programme team for confirmation about your timetable.
  • A-Z Student Services
    This provides a link to the Current Students site, which has an A to Z of Student Services plus key student information.

Lastly we would love to have your Feedback so we can develop the Student Portal further. Please use our feedback link to tell us what you think!

How do I login to the Student Portal?

Student Portal log-in page

Entering the Student Portal URL will open the Portal log-in page. You should enter your City email address ( plus your password.

What do I do if I can't remember my username or password?

You will have activated your account as part of City's online registration process, along with your password. If you do not know your password, please contact the IT Service Desk.

How do I log out of the Student Portal?

When you log-in to the Student Portal, your credentials are stored temporarily in your browser for the period of your session.

When you have finished your session, you MUST close/quit your browser, including all open browser windows. This will end your session, and stop any other user from being able to access your account from that device. If you log in to a City PC, DO NOT leave the computer unattended.


Q. Why isn't the portal an App that I can download?

A. Apps have to be made specifically for individual operating systems, and this makes them more costly to maintain. We have therefore designed the Student Portal to be displayed responsively on any device, including desktop computers, mobiles, and tablets. We would encourage you to bookmark on your device for ease of access in the future.

Q. Can I still log-in using existing web links to e.g. Moodle?

A. Yes absolutely. You can still access the services described above through existing web links. However, the Student Portal is the location where all of these links are held together in one place making it easy to browse between them.

Q. What happens if I can't access the Student Portal?

A. If you are experiencing problems logging in, you should first follow the instructions given above and if you are still experiencing problems contact the IT Service Desk.

Q. You have a calendar in the Student Portal and one in Moodle, which one should I use?

A. Please seek confirmation from your Programme team about where the timetable for your course is published. Your Office 365 calendar is available for your personal use, and you may add details there, including lectures, tutorials, placements, and your personal and social activities.

Q. Why can't I see my lecture/tutorial timetable?

A. In the first phase of the Student Portal we are not introducing personalised timetables and this is why there is no course specific information in your calendar. You can click the Timetable link from the Portal homepage to access City's timetable site.

Q. Can I personalise the Student Portal?

A. Not currently. The ability to personalise the display of the Student Portal may follow in a future phase.