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Veronica Shleina

Veronica Shleina

Veronica is interested in researching child and family law and the relationship between EU law and human rights law.

City, University of London

Thesis Title: Liberalism in Russian Surrogacy Law: A Paradoxical Development in a Paternalistic Society

School: The City Law School



  • The International Foundation Programme in Law, King’s College London (2011)
  • LLB King’s College London (2014)
  • LLM University College London (2015)
  • Legal Practice Course (LPC) BPP University Law School (2016)


Veronica was awarded an LLB at King’s College London and continued her postgraduate education at University College London (UCL). She completed an LLM degree in 2015 with distinction. Her dissertation title was “In the Name of Rights: A case Against the Margin of Appreciation” arguing against the excessive reliance on the margin of appreciation by the European Court of Human Rights, especially in controversial cases. Veronica's family law dissertation “Babies on the Market: Some Ethical Concerns and a Call for a Better Regulatory Approach” submitted in partial fulfilment of an LLM degree at UCL has also been awarded a distinction. Additionally, she completed the legal practice course (LPC) in September 2016.

Research Interests

Veronica's research interests lie within child and family law and the relationship between EU law and human rights law. In her thesis she intends to carry out a comparative analysis of legal regulations of surrogacy arrangements between Russian and the UK legal systems. Her research supervisors are Dr Carmen Draghici and Prof. Andrew Choo.


  • The EU Accession to the ECHR: Is it needed? King’s College London European Union Law Blog, November 2014
  • Opinion 2/13: Some further reflections, King’s College London European Union Law Blog, September 2015


  • Veronica will be teaching Government, Accountability and Administrative Law and Foundations of EU Law in 2018/19 as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at City Law School