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Valentina Aronica

International Politics BSc (Hons)

Volunteering is an enriching experience that makes you develop professionally and personally.

Graduation Date: 2015

What type of volunteering project were you involved in?

Care home volunteering

What did you enjoy most about it?

The bonds that I created with the elderly I met there and how they looked forward to me coming and visit them.

What skills did you gain through this experience?

Patience, communication and listening skills.

Why would you recommend other students take part in Community Volunteering?

It's an enriching experience that makes you develop professionally and personally, that allows you to approach new opportunities with a different mindset and that gives you skills that will always come useful in the future, even if it doesn't immediately seem like it. Despite having no plans to work as a care home assistant, I am sure that the skills I have developed will come around as extremely important.

What do you want to do after university / what are you doing if you have already graduated?

I would like to find effective policy solutions to the issue of migration especially at the local level (in Italy and the UK), working closely with people and the communities by showing that a peaceful coexistence is possible.