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Tolu Akinbote

Tolu Akinbote

I strongly recommend that other students register with Unitemps because it is a great opportunity to gain valuable employability skills while studying

Graduation date: 2015

How has your Unitemps experience enhanced your employment skills?

My experience with Unitemps has been remarkably great. Since joining Unitemps last year, I have been placed in over ten roles both within the university and with external clients. Not only have these roles helped me to earn some money while studying, but they have also helped me to gain valuable skills and experience, such as team management, telephone handling, communication skills, research skills and many more. I believe the addition of these skills to my CV will give me an advantage when I begin my search for a permanent graduate role.

Why would you recommend other students register with Unitemps?

I strongly recommend that other students register with Unitemps because it is a great opportunity to gain valuable employability skills while studying. And, of course, to earn some money which is never enough most especially when studying in the City of London.

Before I joined Unitemps, I worked at a supermarket where I was being paid minimum wage and the hour sometimes conflicted with my studies. However, since I joined Unitemps, life has become so much easier. I do jobs with hours that suit my studies, earn almost double the minimum wage (sometimes more) and acquire skills that are valuable to my career development.

Moreover, the level of support I received from the Unitemps team during my job application and placements were simply amazing. The team advised me on how to write my cover letters, they ensured that I got the necessary training I needed to do my job and continuously supported me during and after my job assignment.

What do you want to do after university / what are you doing if you have already graduated?

My goal is to become a Business Systems Analyst. As I have just completed my course, I am actively searching for a permanent job. I have received positive calls from most of the employers I have applied to work with, and currently going through different stages of application processes.
In the meantime, I am currently working at the Careers department of City via Unitemps. I am earning graduate rate pay, utilizing some of the skills I have gained from my studies and previous work experience while also receiving careers development support from the CityCareers team.

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