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Taimur Khan

Project Management, Finance and Risk MSc

"City, University of London offers the opportunity to get on board with a diverse crowd from around the world including the teaching staff & students"

Describe your new job role and the main responsibilities you have undertaken so far?

My new role consists of assisting the senior project manager with project management support across the full project lifecycle. This includes the development of project documentation e.g. project proposals, strategic business cases etc. It also comprises of management and coordination of project activities along with monitoring and tracking. In addition to that, a part of my role is to identify risk issues and ensure timely actions to mitigate, including escalating when necessary.

Why did you decide to study at City, University of London?

After careful consideration of all the offers I had received, I chose City, University of London because of the diversity and scope of the project management degree they were offering. The course is designed to give students knowledge of how Risk and Finance are closely integrated with the field of project management in the industry. Moreover, City, University of London offers the opportunity to get on board with a diverse crowd from around the world including the teaching staff and students.

What was the favourite aspect of your course?

The diversity of the course was my favourite aspect. It was broad, it was challenging, and It had offered me a lot to learn. The teachers shared their real-life practical work experience which helped to understand the importance of different characteristics of the course.

What was the highlight of your time at City so far?

I can’t think of a day when I had not enjoyed my time at City. The university has a very vibrant and energetic vibe. The crowd is diverse and friendly. A healthy balance between home and international students. The university supports and organises different events and there won’t be a weekend when you cannot entertain yourself with a musical event at the City Uni bar.

What has been your favourite module and why?

Project Life Cycle and Communication and Presentation had been my favourite modules. Project Lifecycle helped me learn and understand the overall scope and the significantly important aspects of any project in the industry ranging from the construction projects to the IT industry whereas communication and presentation was very effective and valuable in carrying out the analyses and evaluation of extremely large data through the visualisation of graphs which is extremely beneficial to the project management industry.

What is the main benefit of studying a course at City?

City provides the best academic facilities through its highly qualified and competent teaching staff as well as opportunities to help students take on future challenges. Along with the studies, City resides in the heart of London which enables students to socialise and be entertained. It has all the major transport links. In addition to that, City has now become part of the University of London which has given students an opportunity to integrate with students from other associate members such as UCL, Queen Mary University, SOAS, Kings College London.

How has City helped career progression within your chosen sector?

City, University of London has always encouraged me along with other students and offered help in every possible way. The careers department of City helped me in tailoring my CV as well as in preparation for the interviews. The university offers incredible support in response to the demands of the recruitment industry which prepares you, providing an edge among your competitors.