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Shakira Johnson

Child and Adolescent Mental Health MSc
Shakira Johnson

She is currently studying the MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Advanced practice in Health and Social care) course.

What was your main motivation to undertake postgraduate study?

My main motivation to undertake postgraduate study was the fact that I am incredibly passionate about the topic of mental health and I have always wanted to increase my knowledge in this field..

What were the factors that influenced your decision making when considering postgraduate study?

The main factors that influenced my decision making when considering postgraduate study were quality and affordability. I wanted to ensure that I would receive excellent educational quality that I would greatly benefit from whilst not being left to pay extortionate fees.

Why did you choose to study this course at City, University of London?

I chose to study this course at City, University of London because I knew the quality would be top-notch as I have successful friends that have previously studied at City and because it was also affordable. In addition, my personal research revealed that I would be learning from many amazing pioneers within mental health which made this course that much more attractive to me.

What has been your student experience at City so far?

So far, I have had nothing short of an exceptional student experience at City. I have learned and grown so much as an individual in the last year, it is almost as if I don’t want my learning experience at City to end!

How has studying this course helped you to develop personally and professionally?

The course I am studying has influenced me personally and professionally in such a positive way that I feel well equipped for my future. The exposure I have had to various professionals has instilled within me a deeper appreciation for the multidisciplinary team that makes up healthcare professionals.

What skills and knowledge do you think the course has helped you develop?

This course has really helped me develop my research skills as well as my critical thinking.

What opportunities and experiences has City offered you during your course?

City has provided me with opportunities to learn from some exceptional leaders and researchers within mental health, which has resulted in my gaining a wealth of knowledge and network opportunities.

What are your career plans once you have completed your postgraduate degree?

Once I have completed my postgraduate degree, I hope to work within the mental health field whilst completing a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) before I go on to start my doctorates in Clinical Psychology.

How do you think City has prepared you for the next stage in your career journey?

The many topics covered in modules discussed has provided me with a plethora of knowledge which has enabled me to feel prepared for the next stage in my career journey. Having real conversations with professionals that are where I aspire to be has encouraged me and equipped me.

What advice would you give to people thinking about postgraduate study?

DO IT! What have you got to lose? You get to learn, grow and network which will pave the way for a successful future! City supports and believes in you!