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Rory Barton

Actuarial Science BSc (Hons)

Budding entrepreneur Rory receives the Lord Mayor of London Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

What has been your greatest experience at City so far?

Getting to know loads of great people through my course, halls and the rugby team.

Tell me how the Lord Mayor of London Scholarship has helped you? Did it influence your decision to study at City?

Studying in London is expensive and I was aware of this when applying. I read about the scholarship online and it did influence my decision, as it made living in London actually possible for me.

What is your dream job once you graduate?

I want to start my own business one day. Not sure exactly what just yet, but probably in the area of Maths and Finance. I would like to start my own business because it means I will be really passionate about it, and work hard to see my dream become reality. I can also be flexible in this line of work, and see where it takes me.

I believe City has been a great place to start this process, by learning many important things, and meeting loads of new people.

How has City helped you towards achieving this goal?

City has a lot of amazing things to help future entrepreneurs, such as CityStarters, and the Cass Entrepreneurship Fund. CityStarters has enabled me to speak to current entrepreneurs and get honest answers to my questions.

What are your hopes for a future career?

I would like to run my own company one day. This is my dream and I will work really hard to make it happen. I believe City University has been a great place to start this process, I have learnt many important things, and met many new people along the way.

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