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Rima Amin

Journalism BA (Hons)

Alumna of City University London.

Which degree course did you undertake at City, University of London and when did you graduate?

I studied the BA Journalism course and graduated last July (2013).

What activities/societies were you involved in as a student?

I was elected to the NUS Black Students' Committee during my three years at City University London. I regularly took part in the activities organised by the Krishna-Consciousness Society.

What does your role at the Students' Union entail?

I help facilitate student activities ranging from societies, RAG (Raising and Giving), sports and events - essentially anything students wish to see happening on campus. I am also the Editor in Chief of the student media outlets.

How did you get involved?

I was Vice President of my Further Education college. That was my first experience representing students. Since then, I have taken a strong interest in the rights of students and developing the potential each student holds in making a difference in not only educational institutions but also the world in which they live, through activities that students' unions can facilitate.

What are your key aims as part of the Students' Union?

One of my key aims within the Students' Union is to reach out to as many students as possible and empower them to do whatever it is they wish to do. I want the students to take the lead and direct the decisions that the Students' Union makes. I want them to realise that they play a crucial role in the future of City University London and embrace all that is available to them during their time here. Even if I spend my time simply spreading the message of all of the opportunities out there, I feel it would be worthwhile.

What is the best part of your role?

I feel incredibly lucky that my role places me in a position where I really get to listen to students and find out their ambitions. I then do whatever I can within the Students' Union to help them achieve their aims. Seeing students who are passionate and have faith in themselves is the best part of my role.

What do you enjoy about City?

City has people from all across the world. We learn so much when we interact with one another, more so when we come from different backgrounds with different stories. City is the perfect place for this interaction to take place.

What are you hoping to do after you complete your term at the Students' Union?

Chase the dream - I don't have it all planned out and I'm still working out what 'the dream' is, but as long as I am passionate about everything I do moving forward, I'll be happy.