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Resham Advani

MEng student awarded Caterpillar Scholarship.

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

City's high stance in the employability world, its vibrant location, its strong history in engineering and recommendations from friends and family were all reasons that contributed in my decision to choose this institution to study Mechanical Engineering.
The staff are incredibly enthusiastic and the lecturers are proficient in their fields of teaching and above all, very approachable and friendly. Throughout my time here, they have always been willing to give me a helping hand of both personal and academic nature, they have always been there, encouraging us to enhance our skills to the maximum potential and to ultimately, help us become the best in what we aspire to be.

What has been a highlight of your course so far?

Being nominated to represent City and participate in the IMechE "Speak out for Engineers" competition together with students from other universitie. Here, I had the opportunity to present my individual project in front of an audience consisting of numerous successful engineers, including the Head of Engineering Improvement of Rolls Royce. I am delighted to say we won the competition!

What do you enjoy most about your course?

There are many aspects that I enjoy, but if I have to name one I'd definitely pick the design module we have; i.e. the practical side of engineering. Over the past few years, we as students have participated in building amazing "structures". We made a wind turbine (out of pasta!), a pneumatic tennis ball serving machine and in my third year I even contributed in building a low cost towing vehicle for people in Africa! It was all as amazing as it sounds and I can't wait to see what my fourth year has in store for me!

Why did you receive the scholarship?

The Caterpillar scholarship was awarded to me for attainment in my second year. I believe that this scholarship reflects my patience, my motivation and my determination to excel in the engineering field.

How has the scholarship helped you?

Before coming to London for my higher education, there were many that thought Mechanical engineering was not the best choice for me. I believe this scholarship has not only helped me prove to them and myself that women CAN do well in male dominated fields, but it has helped me believe in myself, believe in my abilities to break boundaries and constantly achieve more. Besides all of the above, I am hoping this award will help me enter the professional world, as it will play a huge role in my CV. Overall, this scholarship will help me accomplish my current goal, move on to the next and eventually succeed in the engineering world.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Just like most graduates, I plan to work. I aspire to work with the best to become the best. Besides the usual goals that other young people have (i.e. earn well and have a good social life), I yearn to learn more, grow as a person and stand on my feet. Eventually, I will be able to help and give back to those that have always believed in me. I am also hoping that in a few years, I will be at a position where I will have the ability to reward those that respect education.

What will you remember from your time at City?

City has definitely 'shaped' me in the manner that I can confidently say I am prepared for the outside, professional world and ready to break boundaries. I am also hoping that in a few years, I will be at a position where I will have the ability to give back to those that believed in me and reward those that respect education.
At City, there are various societies to benefit from! I have been involved in various social activities: I was the secretary of the Hindu Society, I participated in the NHSF Sports Competition and I have also participated in the inter-uni Face Off Dance Competition for two consecutive years!
The people I've met here and the memories I've gathered will all be cherished and looked back at with a huge smile.