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Red Strivens

Graduate Diploma in Law
Red Strivens

Red is studying the Graduate Diploma in Law. He chose City for the quality of teaching and the opportunities to gain skills through volunteering.

Your motivations, drivers and challenges

What was your main motivation to undertake postgraduate study?

I wanted to gain a useful legal qualification.

What were the factors that influenced your decision making when considering postgraduate study?

Quality of study, quality and sociability of other students and opportunities to gain skills through volunteering were quite important for me and influenced my decision to study at City.

What were, if any, the main challenges that affected your decision about postgraduate study? How did you overcome them?

I was mainly concerned about costs. I was glad to be awarded an academic scholarship of £3,000 from City. I was also worried that there would not be not many opportunities for socialisation but I was relieved to find out the classes are very social.

Your student experience

What has been your student experience at City so far?

I have been pushed very hard, but it has been a rewarding experience. I have especially enjoyed taking part in Pro Bono activities such as the School Exclusion Project where I have worked as a volunteer director.

How studying a postgraduate degree has helped you develop personally and professionally?

I will obtain a law degree, which is a very valuable qualification, but has also taught me a new way of methodical analysis.

What skills and knowledge do you think the course has helped you develop?

I feel that my analytical skills have significantly improved.

What opportunities and experiences City has offered you during your course?

City has offered me a variety of opportunities. The most relevant for me are attending talks and careers evenings, taking part in volunteering projects and joining CitySport.

What advice would you give to people thinking about postgraduate study? What would you have liked to know then that you know now?

That there are so many different things to get involved with if you want to.

Your future

What are your career plans once you have completed your postgraduate degree?

I’m planning to join the civil service fast stream on the digital scheme.

How do you think City has equipped you for the next stage in your career journey?

I have learned legal skills that will be useful when working in government and complying with changing digital regulation. I have also learned more about database design through my work on the School Exclusion Project.