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Priya Sharma

International Political Economy BSc (Hons)

Priya is a BSc International Political Economy student. She became a City student through Clearing - a decision she is now happy about.

What was it like applying through Clearing as UK student?

Applying to City through Clearing was a simple and straightforward process as a UK student. A week before results day, I had accumulated a list of courses I would apply to through Clearing, if needed. It was very simple to navigate my intended course and see the requirements on the City website. After getting my results, the first thing I did was to check back on to the city course page to see what the clearing requirements were and I called the number listed on the page asap. The wait was not too long! I was put through to a friendly clearing ambassador and he asked me the required questions in a polite manor. All in all, the experience of Clearing was a pleasant one and I felt reassured in my decision to apply to City.

Have you heard of City before you entered Clearing?

Prior to Clearing I had heard of City through friends and family.

How did you prepare for Clearing in the lead up to it?

In the lead up to Clearing I had a list of the courses and universities I wanted to contact for Clearing. I also had a look at a few student forums to see what people’s experience had been like at these universities and what they had to say about the courses.

What made you choose City?

I chose City due to the course. After looking at different courses, I found International Political Economy extremely interesting. Committing yourself to university for 3/4 years is a big step and for me the content of the course mattered the most. I wanted to enjoy what I was about the learn for the next few years and the course at City was exactly that. The positive impression City left on me after visiting an Applicant day also reassured me of the course, facilities and general feel of City. I especially appreciated the focus on employment at City as well. For me, it was important that the university I would end up could support me with finding future employment. The location of City was also a very big factor in my decision, especially the advantages of its London location and the ease of travel from home.

What were the most important resources for you in helping you in making a decision?

The City website and Applicant day were the most important in helping me decide where to apply. After visiting City in person, I knew it would be a university that will suit me well. I enjoyed the general atmosphere. The City website and course page broke down the course well and gave a detailed description of the course.

Why did you enter Clearing?

Although I had been accepted at another university, the prospect of moving out and the actual course content was something I still felt uneasy with. I knew I wanted to remain in London and find a course which was better suited to me. Hence, I entered Clearing with City at the top of my list.

How are you getting on at City now?

I am getting on great at City. I could not be happier with my decision to go through Clearing with City. I’ve greatly enjoyed my course over the last 3 years, as well as this I have had the opportunity to explore so many other avenues. From gaining a summer internship with the help of City to part-time work, I’ve enjoyed every second of it!

What is your favourite thing about studying at City?

My favourite thing about studying at City is the wide range of modules available for the course I am studying, as well as the non-academic opportunities. Throughout my degree, whilst the focus has always been on the academia, City have also helped me largely with the employment world. With access to employer events to the very helpful Careers service, I have been able to work on both my academia and employability.

What top three tips would you give to someone who is going through Clearing?

Firstly, don’t worry! I understand that Clearing can be stressful as you don’t know what is going to happen next but the best tip, I can give is to take a few minutes and remind yourself that it will work out in the end.

Secondly, a week or so before results come up with a list of courses and universities you would potentially like to apply through Clearing. This way you already have an idea of what and where you’d like to apply. On the day of Clearing you can recheck the requirements and save yourself some time.

Lastly, get in touch. If you are able to attend an Open day or an online chat you can get to know more about what university is like from both students and staff.