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Pedro A Gonzalez

Pedro credits City University London for his improved skills.

What did you do after graduating?

Since previously completing a MSc in Geographic Information at City's School of Informatics, I am now working for Diputación de A Coruña (A Coruña Province Council) as Technical Responsible for the eielAC platform, which includes a geo-refernced data base, a desktop GIS application (http:, a web mapping site (http: and a node of Spanish Spatial Data Infrastructure (http:

After graduation, I remained working here, but with improved skills.

I also became a member of a Spanish SDI Working Group, INSPIRE Directive Data Specification Working Group for theme ''Utilities and Governmental services" and of Galician Government Coordinatioin Commission for Cartography and Geographic Information Systems.

Finally, I am a founding partner of ENXENIO S.L. and GISERVICES.EU S.C.