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Parichehr Malek Mokhtari

Construction Management MSc
Parichehr Malek Mokhtari

I have learned over time how to use my strengths, know and improve my weaknesses and finally be an assertive, committed member of a team

What was your main motivation to undertake postgraduate study?

Although as a civil engineer I always wanted to step into a higher level, which was the management, I wanted to get some more years’ experience first in the industry. Moving to London made the situation a bit more challenging for me. As my bachelor’s degree is from Iran, it was not easy to win the “finding the job” competition in a new country. So, I wondered maybe this is the time to follow my dream. Moreover, better base salary was another motivation for me.

What were, if any, the main challenges that affected your decision about postgraduate study? How did you overcome them?

Being eligible for the student loan helped me to focus on studying much easier, which otherwise could be a barrier.

As a full time mum I was not able to study full time and there was not a lot of universities that offer the Construction management postgraduate course on a part time basis. Variety of core module subjects was another matter which shortened my application list. I chose City as all its modules are very interesting and practical.

What has been your student experience at City so far?

Although I started the course very excitedly, I knew it was not going to be easy to study in a language which is not my mother tongue, but when I entered the course I noticed that it was not only me with this issue and there are a lot of international students here. Most of the lecturers were aware of this point as well. Still, there are always various challenges, which have caused some stressful times, but I have taken them as challenges which lead me to grow my skills and get ready for the real work environment.

How studying a postgraduate degree has helped you develop personally and professionally?

Studying a masters in management has levelled up my English, confidence, knowledge and skills. I have learned over time how to use my strengths, know and improve my weaknesses, manage my anger and stress and finally be an assertive, committed member of a team. Be a better advisor in critical situation for my family and friends. Other than that it has increased chance of winning a position in the industry.

What skills and knowledge do you think the course has helped you develop?

Various modules of this course has developed my knowledge in case of project planning, contract, finance, management and leadership skills, HR, corporate governance and sustainability which I believe all are hot topics of the industry.

What opportunities and experiences City has offered you during your course?

All the short free courses that City launch for its students are a great chance for us to develop our skills in all ranges. Also, these events give the opportunity to network which is the key to success for getting the job or promoting what and where you are.

The “Professional Mentoring Scheme” is City going the extra mile. It gives students, who need to prepare themselves for the challenging and long path of entering their industries, a kind supportive professional beside them.

Some of the opportunities, such as relative workshops during the course and accessing some stimulating software such as “Prendo”, has been another joyful, practical step which City has taken in preparing us for the work environment.

What advice would you give to people thinking about postgraduate study? What would you have liked to know then that you know now?

Firstly, do sufficient research in advance and make sure this is your best choice for the subject and university opportunities. Make sure you can present in one or two days per week in your classes, as most of what we learn in a master degree comes out of class discussions. Make a list of your weaknesses that you would like to improve; this is the best place and safest time you can practice them.

How do you think City has equipped you for the next stage in your career journey?

Thanks to the professional mentoring scheme, and other support and events mentioned above, I just started to apply for graduate schemes and signed off a contract with “ISG plc” and I am going to start my work just after submitting my dissertation in September. Looking forward to practicing my learning from the course and challenging myself to find out how practical this course has been.