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Panagiotis Berdos

Mathematics BSc (Hons)

Berdos Panagiotis was awarded the Tanner Memorial Fund Prize for Academic Achievement at an Annual Awards Evening, January 2013.

I have just graduated from the BSc (Hons) Mathematical Science course at City University London. I was born in the second biggest city of northern Greece, Thessaloniki.

One of the best periods I had at City University London was my second year. My friends and I would meet almost every day having a lot of laughs and enjoying studying mathematics. When you truly enjoy what you study and have a group of good friends along the way, then everything, no matter how hard, becomes pleasant and joyful.

At the end of the year I got the highest average in my course - 87.6%, while my friend Akbar Farid was just a breath away on 86.5%. That grade was the reason why I was awarded the annual scholarship that Mathematical Science gives to the top ten students, as well as the Tanner Memorial Fund Prize for academic achievement as the best student of the year. I have to say I was very much surprised when I received the email notifying me about me winning the Tanner Memorial Fund for Academic Achievement. I was not aware that in such difficult times there would still be generous enough people that keep on funding these awards and supporting City students. I am very happy, honoured and pleased to have won this award, which didn't only help me financially and give a boost to my CV, but also provided me with hope and determination for the future years to come.

During my three years at City, I was also really pleased with the academic staff of the University. Every time I was in need of guidance in something of personal nature, some extra notes or some hints into solving a hard problem, the academic staff were there for me and my friends as well. I will truly miss some of them.

The whole degree could not have had a better ending for me since during the year I filled in and sent away only one application for a job - the job I wanted - and I got it. I don't recommend this approach but it goes to show that if you put some effort into something that you want, it pays off. I started work one week after my last day at City University London, at Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) within the best team, Strategic Investment and Risk Management (SIRM), the same team that one of my good friends, George Symeonides, is already working in and he was the one that suggested to me that I should try and join. To give you an idea about how well connected City University London is, SIRM only contacts City when searching for people to employ.

Overall I have to say that it was a truly good experience studying at City University London, which provided me with good friends, knowledge, exposure to companies that otherwise I wouldn't know of and of course the job that I wanted.