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Olivia Toye

Journalism BA (Hons)
Olivia Toye pictured in front of a lake

For Olivia Toye, the chance to study abroad has been the highlight of the Journalism course at City University London

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

After researching City seemed to me the best choice to be able to study all aspects of journalism. I wanted to try out the practical options like multimedia and broadcast having never experienced them before, while still being able to study areas I found personally interesting. The course also offered great lecturers who have years of experience across the field, in journalism who you know and whom you can learn from is really important

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I’ve really enjoyed being able to try broadcast, as it’s something I had never given much thought too. The studios in City are great; being in that sort of professional environment can give you a genuine idea of what you may get into, it’s the best place to get used to the equipment and programmes that are used in the industry - with a hand from the tech guys who are so helpful!

What has been your favourite module and why?

Humanitarian Communication has been my favourite module, it’s a subject I’ve always been interested in and being able to discuss with the lecturers who have written about the subjects in detail is ideal. We had several talks and guest lectures from writers, UK aid charities and publications that gave me an insight into the industry, they’ve helped me understand what direction I need to be heading in.

What has been a highlight of your course so far?

I’m writing from Hong Kong on my year abroad, so the exchange programme is my highlight so far. It’s an amazing opportunity to see and experience living in another country, which for what I hope to do is invaluable.  It’s also given me time to consider what I want to focus on in my last year.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I’m hoping to take a year to intern and work, get some more experience within the areas of journalism that interest me the most; humanitarian, conflict and development. I would like to aim towards masters within these areas over the next few years but I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get involved with when I finish.

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