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Noshin Ahmed

Civil Engineering (BEng) BEng
Noshin Ahmed

I worked on putting a report together, drawing sketches and marking up technical drawings to communicate the design and findings

Why did you decide to study at City?

It is one of very few universities in London that has Civil Engineering as a course. I wanted to commute to university rather than live on campus. I didn’t want to do a different course as Civil Engineering is what I am passionate about. The student satisfaction of the university overall is generally high – it was placed first in London by The Complete University Guide in 2017. I strongly agree with this as I have enjoyed the past two year in City University.

Why did you choose to do a placement as part of your degree?

With Civil Engineering, there are two main sectors – being a designer and constructing the design. By doing a placement you are able to delve in real life work and see which one suits you. I see a year placement as an opportunity to gain a set of skills specific to my course. This develops my technical knowledge which has opened my eyes to other materials/topics that are not taught and I can apply this in my further studies. In addition, the placement year increases my employability as I have a year’s worth of experience to talk from when applying for graduate roles.

Where was your placement and what was your role?

My placement is with a structural engineering firm called Morph Structures. My job role is a Design Engineer and it is not always punching numbers on a calculator. I worked on putting a report together, drawing sketches and marking up technical drawings to communicate the design and findings. I am able to model structures on analysis software to ensure the building is sound. There are many ways to design and many materials to choose from, but it is the technical ability to choose the design that is the most efficient, low-cost and suitable.

What has been the most important thing gained from your placement?

Collaboration, in many ways. You need to work with each other for things to progress and learn from mistakes. I liaised with subcontractors across a variety of disciplines to produce work for construction. You want to make sure the final product is right at construction stage or the consequences are heavy, therefore you would want to make sure that everyone is clear in what the design is and what you want the design to do. Another thing is if you are stuck or made a mistake, the best thing to do is to ask for help!

What do you plan to do after graduating?

I hope to be graduating in one year’s time with a first class degree in Civil Engineering (BEng). I would like to continue working with Morph Structures or similar structural practices as I enjoy being able to design a structure and I like the work environment. I will have gained knowledge and experience towards chartership through the IStructE.

What is your favourite thing about City?

My favourite thing about City, University of London, is that it’s within a city full of diversity. Meeting people of different faiths and cultures. It keeps you open minded and you get to learn different things from other people. City has a good amount of foreign students. Not to mention, the different types of cuisine around the area.

What would be your top tip for people wanting to do a placement (or wanting to apply to City)?

When applying for a placement or a job in general, your CV and cover letter is your front line of your application. This is where you would want to make a great impression on the employer. City provides professional advice on your CV and cover letter at the Careers Centre where they check for errors and assist you on improving it, all for free!