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Natalia Lopez

Economics BSc (Hons)

It is amazing to see how your personal experiences can inspire a younger generation. This will make you feel like a really valuable individual.

Graduation date: 2015

What project did you take part in?

Eastbrook School Visit Day - Business Taster Week - Data entry at Careers Hub.

What did you enjoy most about it?

Remembering the challenges I faced when I was younger and transmitting to people from different backgrounds that university is a perfectly achievable goal is a very rewarding feeling. Also, it is always fun to interact with students in a relaxed environment getting involved in activities that we all enjoy.

How has your Widening Participation experience enhanced your skills?

Working as a Student Ambassador I have been participating in a range of activities; from representing the university in schools to assisting a group of students to come up with business ideas. These activities involved public speaking, team work, communication and organisation. These are the abilities sought by most employers so I feel more capable to impress at an interview than ever before.

Why would you recommend other students work as Widening Participation Ambassadors?

I would definitely recommend other students to become WP Ambassadors. More than the skills gained, it is the satisfaction to see how your personal experiences can inspire a younger generation what will make you feel a valuable individual. Skills and experience can be earned in so many other jobs but the feeling of contribution is not always easily found.

What do you want to do after university?

There is a wide range of opportunities out there that I feel capable to perform with all the skills that I am gaining at university. Studying Economics, it is natural for me to be aiming at a career within the financial sector. Some of my favourite subjects include Mathematics and Econometrics for which I see myself developing a career as an Equity Researcher or related area at a major investment bank.