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Nashwa Hassanaly

Civil Engineering (BEng) BEng

Nashwa undertook a placement with Dyer & Butler, in Heathrow whilst studying on BEng Civil Engineering.

1.    Why did you decide to do a placement while at City, University of London?

While studying on the Civil Engineering degree, I felt like I needed to get out there and discover what we learn about in university. I wanted to make sure that after 3 years at the institution, Civil Engineering was something I definitely wanted to get involved with. A placement is also very ideal when it comes to apply for graduate jobs, you have to go through the application and interview process which is really useful when targeting specific firms.

2.    Where was your placement and what was your role?

I did my placement at Dyer&Butler, in Heathrow. I was taken as a Student Engineer but was immediately introduced into a typical engineer and agent role. My role varied every day and I was involved in a few divisions of the company. I worked within the Airside and was looking after the pavement maintenance within the airport but I also enjoyed a couple of weeks working with the Quantity Surveyor team, looking at subcontractors and relevant job costs.

3.      What has been the most important thing gained from your placement?

I gained a lot of confidence and engineering knowledge. My first couple of months within the company, I was very intimidated by the incredible airport knowledge all the engineers had and the situation- handling skills they had. I started very quietly but once I started to understand how this specific environment worked, I managed to grow with it and get involved in a lot of various projects, which helped me to improve my management skills.

4.     What did you do after graduating? If you are yet to graduate, what do you plan to do after graduating?

I am graduating- hopefully, in a few months from now on and would definitely like to work within the civil engineering industry. If lucky enough, I would really enjoy going back and working within Heathrow as it is an incredible environment where I believe I could constantly learn new things and become a good engineer, being able to manage and come up with interesting solutions to diverse issues/ projects.

5.     Anything else you would like to highlight about City?

I managed to get my placement through the Careers Centre of City, so if you have the chance and would like to experience working life half way through your course, don't hesitate to go and talk to careers advisors. You will have a great experience which will help you through your future career!