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Narmin Taghiyeva

Narmin Taghiyeva

'Studying at City is a dream come true for me.'

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

People always ask why not UCL or KCL? My answer is: there was something attracting me to City since first grade. Now, being in the building- which I was seeing in pictures every day is so exciting! It feels like I know everything about the university. People here are friendly, appreciating and understanding.
It is so easy to make friends at City, as people are so welcoming and kind! I love my friends and my class as well! You never feel lonely at University as you meet new people or society representatives all the time! I love London, it was my dream to study here. The majority of the university consists of international students, which enables you to create friendships with every nation of the world!

How did you develop an interest in International Politics and why did you choose to study BSc International Politics?

I chose the department of International Politics because I am a feminist who really wants women to have equality in society and I really want to become a Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women. As a result, since my high school years, I have been attending many conferences and even organizing such events sometimes. One of these events, also my favorite is, the MUN. MUN is a conference where you can meet ambassadors and other government officials, broaden your horizons on political and social issues, develop a better profile for your future and it is a great pathway to step into the shoes of a good diplomat. I was in the organizational team at MUN in my senior year of high school, and being a part of it was interesting as much as representing a country. It helps to improve your teamwork, responsibility and independence.

Have you participated in any extracurricular activities at City? For example, being a student rep, taking part in any student union societies, volunteering.

Even though I am only 17, I am also an ambassador at Campus Society: an organization that unites students from all over the world and my duty here is to guide and help others like me to socialise for creating better opportunities in life. You can get a good reference from them for your intended job applications or you can meet with well-known authors and ask them questions. It is an online platform, where you can write articles, make friends or attend live sessions if you are an ambassador. When I graduate, I really want to continue with Campus Society, because I have overcome my hesitation and I am more social than I was before. I would recommend you all to join the Campus Society, as you will enjoy being part of it!
I love my course and I am sad that we are at the end of the first semester already! I will miss the university so much! I am trying to contribute to every event that our students create. I am so happy to be a student at City! and I think that being a graduate of City will create great pathways for my future career.