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Nancy Dirar


"Common Purpose was one of the most memorable experiences of my time at University."

What was your most significant learning experience of the trip and why?

I think the greatest learning experience for me was culture. It provided me with an opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture. Being able to team work with students from Christ University was very informative and enjoyable and provided me with a real insight into South Indian culture. I was able to make global connections and friends that I am still In touch with!

Why did you decide to participate in this experience?

I had researched online about Common Purpose and I was really intrigued by what it had to offer. In previous internships at university a feedback I had numerous times was I needed to be more confident and develop my leadership skills. Therefore I felt this experience was the perfect opportunity to address this as well as getting to visit and learn about a different culture.

What surprised you about the experience, or something unexpected that you learned?

I was like really surprised when learning about the work the NGO’s carry out. It was really interesting and inspiring to hear about the difference they were all making in their respective fields.

What would you recommend to others looking to take part in a Common Purpose Study Abroad programme?

I would say go for it! It was easily one of the best experiences of my time at university and an experience definitely worth making most of. I would also recommend to get to know as many people as you can on the programme!