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Nabiha recommends a placement to all current students, as it is great exposure and you learn a lot about the industry.

Why did you decide to do a placement while at City, University of London?

It would give me exposure to real projects with real constraints. I would collaborate with bigger teams and would have more pressure to perform and learn as compared to a coursework.

Where was your placement and what was your role?

I worked as a User Experience Consultant at Fluent Interaction. I would go to kick off meetings, did competitor analysis, expert reviews, wireframing, sketching, making functional prototypes, facilitated and observed lab based + guerrilla usability testing, wrote reports, helped in presenting to clients. I got exposed to the whole spectrum.

What has been the most important thing gained from your placement?

Communication skills, managing time and building relationships. I got better at research and how to handle difficult users.

What do you plan to do after graduating?

I'm still working part-time with Fluent Interaction and looking for a full-time job. The response has been great, I have been getting a lot of interviews.

Anything else about your placement you would like to add?

I would recommend all current students go forward with a work placement. It is great exposure and you learn a lot about the industry. Plus if you don't have UX work, it gives you a foot in the door. Recruiters and the professionals who interview me see me as a Junior UX designer rather than an Entry level one. You also get to talk about real projects rather than your coursework which gives you a better chance of landing the job.

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