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Monica Landoni

Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics MSc
Monica Landoni

This course gave me the necessary knowledge to prepare me for the ‘real world’, and helped me find the balance between teamwork and individual work

What was your main motivation to undertake postgraduate study?

The reasons why I chose to continue with a postgraduate course are several. I knew very well that it would enrich my curriculum in the eyes of employers, but most importantly, it would expand my knowledge and allow me to specialize in what I am passionate about.

What were the factors that influenced your decision making when considering postgraduate study?

When choosing my postgraduate degree, I asked myself where and what I wanted to be in the future. This allowed me to funnel my research and look for the best universities and hubs for that particular subject. I knew that I wanted to study in an international environment so that I could learn from others even outside the classroom. City University was perfect for these reasons and I didn’t let Brexit scare me in making a decision.

What were, if any, the main challenges that affected your decision about postgraduate study? How did you overcome them?

Convincing my parents was quite challenging because I would have had to financially depend on them. However, after they realized what this experience meant for my future, they gave in. Getting the right information is key when making such a decision, and it was thanks to accurate descriptions and statistics that we decided, as a family, that a postgraduate degree in the UK was the best choice for me.

What has been your student experience at City so far?

My experience at City has been extremely positive! The campus is great and it is being continuously improved. The Students Union is very active in listening and giving voice to students, and there are lots of opportunities for everyone! I loved every second of it.

How studying a postgraduate degree has helped you develop personally and professionally?

Professionally speaking, this postgraduate course not only gave me the necessary knowledge to prepare me for the ‘real world’, but helped me find the correct balance between teamwork and individual work. In class we completed many group projects that were extremely helpful in developing my collaboration skills – most-wanted by employers, but also trained me in doing lots of individual research and studying, aspect that undergraduate degrees don’t address as much.

Personally speaking, this postgraduate course allowed me to meet people that share my interests, exchange ideas and experiences, and make friends for life!

What skills and knowledge do you think the course has helped you develop?

Collaboration is definitely a skill that my postgraduate course has stressed a lot. Being able to work with others is so important not only at work, but also in life. I also developed good time management skills, as postgraduate courses expect students to be more responsible and independent compared to undergraduates.

What opportunities and experiences City has offered you during your course?

City provides students with infinite opportunities! It is just up to the students to look for them and pick the ones that interest them or suits their needs. The Careers Service has been extremely useful, and I actually wish I used it more. It is a great channel to look for internships, or simply ask for precious advice. At City, I was also able to pursue my interest in sustainability through the Sustainable City club, which gave me the chance to meet lots of new people, and organize and participate to events that improved my CV.

What advice would you give to people thinking about postgraduate study? What would you have liked to know then that you know now?

Undertaking postgraduate study is the step right before looking for a job. It is important to choose one for the right reason. Some people are afraid of the working world so they keep studying to postpone that as much as they can, others are not quite sure what to do so they pick a course just for the sake of doing it, and others do it to make their parents happy. This is an important choice in people’s lives as there is a significant sacrifice to make (time and money), so take your time in deciding what to do and do not underestimate the choice!

What are your career plans once you have completed your postgraduate degree?

The next step for me is to focus on building my career, so I am looking for openings in multinational companies. I am hoping to start with an internship that will give me a solid base for a possible job as a consultant or sustainability manager. I don’t know what the future holds, but internships are a good way to find out what I like and what I don’t, as well as figure out what I am good at, to increase my chances of success.

How do you think City has equipped you for the next stage in your career journey?

City has provided me with support from all fronts: professors have done an excellent job in motivating me and providing me with all the tools I need for the future; the Students Union is a great tool to get involved with activities or try to make a difference within the university; the Careers Service organised numerous events throughout the year to help students like me understand what they want to do… After this postgraduate course, I feel confident and prepared to start my career journey.