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Mark Mordak

Psychology BSc (Hons)

The Unitemps staff and fellow ambassadors are really nice people. The atmosphere at events/jobs is always positive, so I’d recommend it to any student

Graduation date: 2015

What type of work were you involved in?

I am a student ambassador and have been involved in different events and kinds of positions. I have worked with numerous departments and attended university wide Open Days, as well as high profile events such as graduations. I have also worked as a receptionist, invigilator, and office assistant.

How has your Unitemps experience enhanced your employment skills?

I have learned valuable skills in each and every position I have held at Unitemps. Most jobs will involve working with someone else, whether this is a student or a staff member. This teachers team working skills, and conflict resolution. You might work with people from completely different backgrounds, which can really enrich the experience and broaden your horizon. Furthermore, you might have the opportunity to work on your leadership skills, as well as public speaking/presentation skills. Finally, applying for jobs through Unitemps even offers an opportunity to work on your job application!

Why would you recommend other students register with Unitemps?

Why not? It's a free and excellent opportunity to earn some money. Even if you do not need cash (let's face it, you're a student - you always will), there are countless benefits beyond the financial. First of all, you can enhance your CV in excellent ways, both through positions that will be relevant to any future career in some way. This is because of the transferable skills, such as team working. Secondly, you will meet many people, both students and staff members. Many of them might become your friends, some of them might turn out to be future referees, so you never know. It's essentially networking in a safe environment, and you will likely form connections that can help you out during, as well as after, university. Thirdly, it's flexible - it's the perfect job for students. No need to worry about taking holidays during exams and so on. Finally, it's fun - the Unitemps staff members, fellow ambassadors, and university staff are really nice people. The atmosphere at events/jobs is always positive, so I would definitely recommend it to any student.

What do you want to do after university?

I am really enjoying my degree, so I will pursue a career in applied psychology.