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Lorraine Estime

Law LLB (Hons)

I firmly believe that having a more experienced person in guidance is necessary to any type of development.

Graduation date: 2015

Why did you decide to join the Professional Mentoring Scheme?

I wanted to get a better understanding of all career options available and also wanted to expand my professional network.

What did you enjoy most about it?

Getting to know my mentor was probably the most enjoyable aspect of this scheme. He and I have similar personalities and parallel insecurities and because of this we were able to target certain areas of my career development that needed to be highlighted or improved.

How did your mentor help you to develop your skills and future employability?

My mentor spent a great deal of time organising meetings with a wide range of highly qualified professionals to demonstrate the scope of my career options. The point he aimed to get across was that there are many different jobs available, but it is possible to create a unique path that suits my passions while also contributing to the job market.

Why would you encourage other students to take part in the Professional Mentoring Scheme?

I firmly believe that having a more experienced person in guidance is necessary to any type of development. A mentor is resourceful, patient, and willing to invest time in seeing a mentee grow. Students who are confused or lost about their future endeavors will obviously benefit as well as those who, on the contrary, have set goals. This Scheme is useful to anyone with a simple desire to succeed post university.

What do you want to do after university?

My plan after graduating is to go back to America, sit the New York Bar (and pass) and work for an intellectual property law firm that specialises in Copyrights and Trademarks.

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