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Julie Nitschmann and Alexander Rook

Marketing Strategy and Innovation MSc
Julie Nitschmann and Alexander Rock

Winners of Made@City 2016

Name of project

Edi. Light. Wherever.

Name of course you are studying

MSc Marketing Strategy & Innovation

What was the best thing about taking part in Made@City?

Made@City gave us the opportunity to meet different entrepreneurs and network with people that could help us go forward in our business. It was great to talk about the project and get feedback for further development. The event was very well set up and friendly.

How did Made@City help with your career prospects?

Made@City helped us to test what pitch was best to sell our idea. What people reacted best to as well as understanding how the stall should be set up and what kind of information people are most interested in hearing. The award will help us to make our brand stronger and therefore be able to sell more of our lights! It was a great experience, and gave us confidence in our idea.

Tell us a little about what you are doing now and your immediate plans for the future

We are now in the process of manufacturing our light. We will deliver them soon to our consumers and learn from their experiences to be able to develop the best possible range of products.

What would you say to students who are thinking of taking part in Made@City next year?

Do it! Everyone is friendly and excited about the projects. It is a great way to see the reaction of people and maybe adjust your plan.

It is very rewarding when we have put so much effort and time in a project to be recognised.