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Julie Crutchley


Julie is studying the role of victim participation and reparations in international criminal law to align the goals of peace and justice.

PhD thesis title: Can a critical rearticulation of the role of victims within International Criminal Justice contribute towards the goal of positive peace?


Affiliation: International Law and Affairs Group (ILAG)

Supervisors: Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos and Dr David Seymour

This thesis engages traditional liberal critiques of international criminal law (ICL) and conceptions of victimhood, examining if the limited achievements of the victim-centred approach are systematic of fundamental challenges arising from modern international law. This examines the manner in which an alternative pluriversal conceptualisation of victims in ICL could provide an opportunity to work towards a goal of positive peace in accordance with wider peace processes.


Julie achieved an LLM in Public International Law at City University London in 2014 with a dissertation on Positivism, Naturalism and the International Criminal Court. Prior to that, she completed an LLB in English Law from Lancaster University in 2003, with a dissertation on Moral Understandings of Property Law.

Since 2015, she has worked as the Graduate Teaching Assistant for English Criminal Law at City Law School.

From 2003 -2013, she worked in various post-conflict societies in the Americas and Northern Ireland. Her work has focused on the wide ranging challenges facing communities moving beyond periods of conflict, covering areas such as social development, community relations, peace and reconciliation movements, human rights and rehabilitation programs.

Conference Contributions

  • Presentation: “A Decolonial Analysis of the Approach to Peace in International Law and the conception of Victimhood”,2nd Annual Postgraduate Conference, The Role of International Law in Post-Conflict and Post-Colonial Societies,  June 2016, Queens University Belfast Human Rights Centre.
  • Presentation: “The Role of Victim Participation and Reparations in International Criminal Law to align the Goals of Peace and Justice,” The City Law School, PhD Forum, May 2016, City University London, UK
  • Presentation: “A Decolonial Analysis of the Approach to Peace in International Law and the influence of Liberal Peace Theory”, University of Edinburgh, Decolonising the Academy, February 2016