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Judit Guimera Busquets

BEng student awarded with Caterpillar Foundation Scholarship

Why were you awarded the scholarship?

I was awarded with the scholarship due to my good academic performance during the course 2011/2012.

How has the scholarship helped you?

The high related costs that are associated with university can sometimes be daunting. Receiving the scholarship was an immense help financially wise. However, it wasn't just about the financial support, it was recognition of all the effort and work that I have done during the past year.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I especially enjoyed the courses that related to air transport operations which focus on the safety of the aviation world. However, I also enjoyed the more numerical part of my studies, such as aeronautical design and structures where we were involved not only in the theoretical lectures but also in laboratory experiments as well as projects that helped to have a better understanding of the subject.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

In September 2013, I am starting a PhD in aviation safety at City University London, for which I am really excited.

Judit talks about why she chose City