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Iliyan Stoimenov

High achieving BSc Mathematical Sciences student awarded with Tanner Memorial Fund prize for two years running.

Why did you receive the prize?

I have received three academic prizes/scholarships for merit-based achievements. After my first year of university I attained the highest overall grade and I was subsequently awarded the Dyers Prize which is only given to four students across the whole of the university. In addition to this, for two consecutive years I was awarded the Tanner Memorial Fund prize for my academic achievements in the field of mathematics and my positive impact on the School of Engineering and Mathematics.

How has the prize helped you?

It has really made a difference because of all the motivation and subsequent appreciation you feel from accomplishing something so unique and special. Being awarded several prizes helps your self-esteem and makes you think about the opportunities in the future.

What did you like about the course, and are there any skills you have developed?

During my course, I have developed strong analytical and quantitative skills, attention to detail and work ethic, which are qualities that would help my excel in every part of my life. The course's incredible stimulating nature, emphasis on practical training and great network of alumni are its most distinctive features. If you want to engage with the brightest and the best, get involved in world class research and get the biggest exposure to the highest calibre professionals, City is the place to be.

What do you think of City, University of London?

City provides grounds for not just personal development but also a chance for international influence at the highest levels. Part of the founding vision of the school is to prepare students for their future careers and pride themselves into being business leaders.

Its graduates' exceptional employment prospects, proximity to the City of London as well as cultural diversity are just several of the things that I believe prospective students would benefit from City. 

What do you plan after graduation?

My plans after graduation go beyond just working.  I have always dreamt of being able to make a difference in whatever activity I take part in. This is one of the many reasons why I decided to go back to my home country and use the knowledge acquired from my university studies to work and make a positive impact.  After having the necessary experience and knowledge, my next stop would be heading a multinational organisation.