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Hazirah Halim

Civil Engineering (BEng) BEng
Hazirah Halim

Hazirah studies BEng Civil Engineering. She chose to study at City for our specialist labs and the state-of-the-art Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility.

Why did you choose City?

When I decided to come to London for my undergraduate studies, the first thing that comes to mind is being able to study in a cosmopolitan, bustling area where things are always happening – I feel that’s what keeps me alive. City is located in such a convenient location, a bus away from great food, entertainment and shopping and that’s exactly what I imagined. With this engineering degree I also have access to specialist soil labs and large-scale equipment including wind tunnels.

Why did you choose to study BEng Civil Engineering?

Back in the beginning of high school, I went on a trip to Dubai and went up the Burj Khalifa. I saw that 3 Malaysian engineers took part in this world-class project and was inspired to be the next Malaysia female engineer to be involved in world-leading tall building projects that shape the future. With an engineering degree from City, I have access to specialist soil labs and large-scale equipment including wind tunnels and the state-of-the-art Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility, the centrepiece of the Civil Engineering Laboratory.

What is your favourite module?

I personally feel like my interest has always leaned towards the science of structures, so my favourite modules so far would be Solid Mechanics and Structural Mechanics. At first I liked it simply because of my interest but after learning more from the great lecturers of these modules, it has opened my eyes to the many things I can do with just enhancing my interest and gives me the confidence to become an engineer in the 21st century.

Has your course involved any trips?

The BEng Civil Engineering degree includes a few trips and one of them would be a geology trip to Devon happening in Easter where we would be visiting sites and really practising what we’ve learned in Geology and Soil Mechanics. Very excited for that.

What makes City unique?

The location of it is really unique as it is in Clerkenwell, close to many innovative and well-known businesses, an ideal place to be an engineering student. City also has quite a few cafes at every corner that open from early till late. The School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering also has a Professional Liaison Unit to help all their students with internships, graduate jobs, CVs and more so that’s great.

What do you enjoy most about studying in London?

What I love the most is that there is always something to do here. It is pretty easy when I need to take a breather in between the never-ending deadlines and tutorials – I just hop on a bus and go somewhere to shop, watch scenery or go to a library for fun! I also absolutely love makeup so with department stores and flagships stores only being a short tube ride or bus from City, makes me love London even more.

What do you get up to outside of University?

I am an active member of the Institution of Civil Engineers UK Graduates and Students, so I spend my time outside of University actively participating in school visits, networking events, conferences and mainly meeting people of different ages who are keen in Civil Engineering. I enjoy it because it gets me to know more about the Civil Engineering industry and improve my personality and work ethic.

How has City helped you to prepare for life after graduation?

My personal tutor, who was my Solid Mechanics lecturer has given me a good insight to how it is after graduation and in the industry. The Professional Liaison Unit (PLU) has also given us, Civil Engineering students workshops throughout the term to prepare us for internships and left after graduation.

What would be your tips for those who have applied to City?

Really get to know your lecturers and academics, as they really try their best to help you throughout your degree. Never be afraid to ask questions, always share your ideas even if you think it isn’t that right. Always strive to improve yourself as the facilities and academics in City will always help you along the way.