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Grace Styles

Accounting and Finance

Grace Styles is a 4th year Accounting & Finance student. She hugely enjoyed spending a year abroad at the University of Virginia as part of her degree

What were you doing before you came to study at Cass Business School?

I was at secondary school just outside of London studying A-Levels in Maths, French and Economics.

Why did you decide to apply to study at Cass?

I actually came to Cass through the clearing process. I did some research online and saw that it had a good reputation so I took the jump and just applied.

What inspired you to undertake a study abroad placement?

I have always wanted to study abroad in some way. I used to want to do my entire course in America but it was too expensive as an international student so I started looking into taking a year out of my course and studying abroad in this way. It was probably my main criteria when looking at universities.

Why did you choose to study in the USA?

I always wanted to study in the USA because I wanted to experience the college lifestyle and living on a campus. They also have a very different way of teaching at university (more homework and participation based) which I wanted to try out. I also loved the universities available there as they had amazing business schools.

Tell us about campus life at the University of Virginia.

Campus life at the University of Virginia was amazing. I loved that the entire town was basically just students so you would be walking around town and bump into people you know. The campus was also so beautiful and is an UNESCO world heritage site which was amazing to live on.

What was the most important thing you learned about yourself whilst studying abroad?

I think that I always loved the idea of living abroad but moving to a new country by yourself can be daunting so I think I mainly learnt that I am capable of adapting to new situations quite quickly and I also learnt to be more confident in myself.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I think this is something studying abroad actually really helped me with. I think I am going to be taking a year out to do some more travelling and think about what I want to potentially spend the rest of my life doing. My course in Accounting and Finance is very structured and so I think I would like to spend some more time thinking about the opportunities that are available to me outside of this area.

What would be your top tip for applicants thinking about studying abroad?

Think about what your priority is to get out of it and what sort of environment you want to be in. I did a lot of research on the universities and didn’t just go on what everyone else was saying was the best option. In terms of whether or not you should study abroad, I definitely think it is something everyone needs to experience! You learn so many skills and experience so much that I don’t think would be possible without studying abroad.