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Georgia Edkins

Georgia Edkins

City Journalism department nurture their journalists until they become Jacks of all trades and Masters of most.

The BA Journalism course at City, University of is demanding, relentlessly fast-paced, evaporatingly tiring and yet it’s the single most enriching and character-shaping experience of my admittedly short life.

When I first arrived at City, the scene of commuters and gum-splattered streets seemed to blur into a single euphoric metropolitan moment. I realised then, that City would catapult me into the working journalist’s reality; schlepping from North to South London to interview a rather questionable psychic with a penchant for garibaldis, researching into the wee hours of the morning to see what “Chris Grayling had done this time” and holding the hand of a victim of human trafficking, so frightened he wouldn’t even share his real name.

From the history of the revered Fleet Street to filming, presenting and editing Video Packages, to writing, producing and recording live Radio Programmes to News Writing to Shorthand to Long-form Features, the City Journalism department nurture their journalists until they become Jacks of all trades and Masters of most.

As a student, you only have to look at the nigh-on honours list of acclaimed journalists and editors, former or still very much involved in the industry, who teach on the BA Journalism course to know you’re in good hands.

I spent a long time researching Journalism courses in the UK and very quickly decided on City due to their focus on both theoretical and practical excellence. No website could have prepared me for just how incredible my experience would be here, just how supportive the lecturers are, or just how close my peer group would become.

I would encourage anyone who relishes writing, who wants to know more about the world, or who’s just darn right nosy to apply to study Journalism at City.

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