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Gabriella Soffer

Biomedical Engineering (BEng) BEng

When visiting City after having received an offer, I immediately felt welcome. The atmosphere was very warm and friendly.

Why did you choose to study at City, University of London?

When I visited City after having received an offer, I immediately felt welcome and the atmosphere was very warm and friendly. All the teaching staff were so helpful when answering my questions and gave honest answers. I was also told that the classes were quite small for my course so it is possible to really get to know your lecturers and for them to get to know you which is so important and useful when you need help or advice on anything.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

The fact that it is a combination of so many different subjects from maths to biology to physics means that it not only never leaves me bored or uninterested but it always leaves me intrigued and wanting to learn more. I also like that it is such a growing field and there is so much to learn.

What has been your favourite module and why?

Digital Logic. It isn't like anything I've ever experienced before. It includes things like digital systems, binary numbers and boolean algebra which involve a lot of thinking. I'm generally quite a logical person when it comes to problem solving and this module is an excellent way to test and improve those skills - skills which are vital for an engineer.

What has been a highlight of your course so far?

The electronics labs and being able to wire up various devices with a real-life application, for example, in group project week we built a device that measured temperature and breathing rate, and alerted the user when their temperature was too high or low. Taking part in these lab sessions is not anything I had ever experienced in school and I have learnt so many new skills as a result.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I would ideally love to go into a field related to robotics/mechanical prosthetic limbs or sythetic organs, specifically kidneys. The idea that one day it would be possible to eradicate the need for people to donate their kidney or wait for a match is something that really fascinates me and pretty much inspires me too.

Anything else you would like to highlight about City University London?

I play for the City Women's Football Club every Wednesday. It has been an excellent way to make friends and really feel a part of life at City, University of London. Joining a club has also really helped me settle in as there are second and third years who have all done it before you and are there to give you advice where needed!

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