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Eve Carpenter

Music BMus (Hons)

"I really have found who I am at City, and I think I will graduate as a very different person to when I joined in my first year."

What has been your greatest experience at City so far?

This is really tough because, honestly, there has been so much, but I managed to secure a bit of work experience at two West End Musicals in my second year, which was amazing! I got to shadow the stage manager at the production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for an evening performance at Drury Lane and I also got to shadow a couple of stage managers at The Pajama Game whilst it was in London, which was a pretty special experience!

That experience has got to be my favourite and most memorable opportunity.

What is your dream job once you graduate?

I am actually still not 100% sure but I would like to look into theatre more and find out the different roles involved in the pre-production stage when the show is being put together.

What appeals to you most about this profession?

I really want to be in a job where I'm able to think in a creative way. Since I was little, art and music have been my absolute passion and I feel the theatre is a place that combines both of these areas. I want to be in a position where I have to think creatively. I really want to work within the arts and this is why I am interested to find out more about what goes on in the process of putting together a show.

What kind of qualities do you think you will need to succeed in this role?

I think you need to be committed, passionate, hard-working, I think you need to be able to think on the spot and be up for challenges but I think, most importantly, it is crucial to have a creative mindset.

How has City helped you towards achieving this goal?

City has developed me hugely as a person. My course has definitely pushed me and being able to take on the challenges thrown at me has given me a real sense of achievement.

Whilst here my confidence has taken leaps and bounds. I was really rather quiet and reserved when I was at college but since coming to City I have totally come out of that shell!

I think that having such a good relationship with our lecturers creates a lot of confidence.

Something that has been fantastic is that in many of my modules we've had quite a few extra events where outside speakers/performers have shared their experiences or performed for us and then we've actually had the chance to speak with them. For example, my lecturer was doing a question and answer talk with the acclaimed film composer Patrick Doyle, so we all were able to go to that. After the talk we were able to meet Patrick Doyle. Being able to ask a few questions and being given advice by a top professional in the field was a real confidence boost, as you feel you are being taken seriously by these important people. It makes me feel very lucky to have these opportunities.

Throughout my degree I have grown as a performer, playing more challenging and lengthier flute pieces and have learned how to engage an audience. I have also played in several ensembles including Gamelan and African Dance and Drumming and samba. I've sung in the University choir and played flute for a chamber music ensemble. All which helps boost confidence.

Surprisingly an unexpected confidence builder was becoming a student ambassador. I wasn't expecting that - yet doing tours for groups ranging from Year 6 children seeing a university for the first time to mature students wanting an insight into what life is like at City has really brought on my confidence. It led me to applying for and being chosen as a senior student ambassador where I am in charge of a team of ambassadors at events such as open days. Being given this position was a real achievement for me and has given me great leadership experience. The confidence I got from this led me to apply for a position in the Students' Union Media team which I got, so I am now gaining even more skills to take away after I graduate.

I really have found who I am at City, and I think I will graduate as a very different person to when I joined in my first year.