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Donald Taylor

International Business Law (distance learning) LLM
Donald Taylor

Donald is an attorney from Jamaica, currently working as a lecturer at the University of Aruba.

Why did you choose to study the LLM International Business Law via distance learning?

I wanted to do a research degree at the master’s level to hone my writing and research skills and also acquire new knowledge.

Did you come from a law or non-law background? How did that affect your experience of the LLM International Business Law programme?

I came from a law background.  I am an attorney at law in Jamaica, however I live in Aruba and lecture at the University of Aruba.

Why did you choose to study at the City Law School?

The people were great; Sarah and Dr Steven Truxal were very helpful and welcoming.  They were easy to talk to, communicate with and guided me through the whole process of enrolling and throughout the year.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of courses offered, such as financial law and e-commerce law and the honest, direct feedback from professors that came with the formative assessment and the weekly feedback.

What has been your favourite module and why?

International investment law was my favourite and I will be working on a PhD thesis on that subject. It resonates with what I view as a very interesting and dynamic area of international law.

Can you tell us about your experience of using the online study platform/tools to aid your study?

The experience has been great.  There is constant feedback, interaction with other students and discussion of new ideas. The Moodle platform is easy to use and I have recommended it for the University of Aruba based on my experience with it.

How different is studying via distance learning to the normal classroom environment?

Distance learning allows you to focus more, with little distractions and it’s geared towards your own pace. It is not easier, because your progress depends on the effort you put in for yourself.

What did you think to the structure of the programme? Did you take a break from your studies?

I like the structure, it is great and I took no break from my studies.

How will the LLM International Business Law help with your current job role?

It has helped to reinforce my academic status.

What advice or tips would you give to anyone who wants to study the LLM International Business Law (distance learning) programme?

Work hard and ask questions; everyone is there to help.

Please let us know of anything else you would like to highlight about your time at City, University of London

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was hard work and the standards are very high so any grade you get is deserved and not a gift.