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Dominik Widomski

Computer Science with Games Technology (BSc) BSc (Hons)

The modules offered at City were very interesting and insightful, I also had great lecturers from whom I learnt a lot.

Why did you decide to do a placement while at City, University of London?

It was a great opportunity to gain work experience, learn a lot and earn money at the same time. A break from university and working changed my mindset a little bit, positively I think.

Where was your placement and what was your role?

I was placed at Pixelbirth and my role was front end web developer, design and development of web interfaces for websites and web applications as well as design of some android and iOS mobile apps.

What has been the most important thing gained from your placement?

Experience on working on more concentrated and focused projects, dealing with pressure and clients, more real life examples of applications of my academic knowledge and my skills.

What did you do after graduating?

Continue working with web and other technologies, at my current employment (different from placement employment) and/or work on my own projects.

Anything else about City you would like to add?

Doing an internship and then moving onto the professional pathway scheme was the right direction. While I learnt a lot at university I have learn more while working. The modules the university offered were very interesting and insightful and I had great lecturers from whom I learn a lot.