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Dimitrios Arvanitis

PhD student Dimitrios Arvanitis

After completing an LLM at The City Law School, Dimitrios is now working on his PhD thesis in risk allocation in offshore oil and gas contracts

Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management S.A.

Dimitrios' thesis examines the different functions that contracts and contracting strategies can play in the offshore oil and gas services and construction industry. It gives a historical overview of the industry's contractual practices and focuses primarily on the ways in which innovative contracting strategies can transform (standard form) contracts into business tools that can enhance the long term sustainability and profitability of the industry. His research supervisors are Professor Jason Chuah and Dr Mauro Barelli.

Dimitrios was awarded an LL.B by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He continued his postgraduate studies at the City Law School, obtaining an LLM in International Energy Law and Regulation in 2012 - Dissertation title: "Offshore oil and gas safety: Critical elements for robust regulation with reference to the UK, US, EU and Norwegian models" (distinction). He also holds a distance learning degree from the University of Athens in Environmental Management.

Dimitrios is a qualified lawyer enrolled with the Athens Bar Association. His professional experience includes an 18-months legal traineeship at Public Power Corporation S.A., the Greek state-owned electricity company, and a 2-years internship at Alevropoulos & Arvanitis Law Office. His is also a teaching assistant in Criminal Law at City University London.

Dimitrios' main interests span international energy-, oil & gas-, maritime- and transport law. His main area of interest is legal issues pertaining to the offshore oil and gas industry such as contract management, liabilities and insurance, environmental, health & safety regulations, and the offshore marine sector.

Dimitrios is a member and actively participates in a number of leading institutions in the field: the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN), International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), Hellenic Union for Energy Law and Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE). His is vice-head of the 'Upstream Group' of the Greek Energy Forum UK and past secretary of the Young Professionals Network branch of the London-based Energy Institute.


  • Dimitrios Arvanitis, Julia Constantino Chagas Lessa, "Offshore Platforms' Seafarers: An Excluded Group Within An Overlooked Sector? (Does The MLC Consider Personnel of Offshore Installations to be Seafarers?)", European Transport Law, 2014 (paper presented at the round table transport law de lege ferenda, Leuven, November 2013)

Conference presentations

  • "Contractual complications in the offshore oil and gas industry", Postgraduate Research Forum, City University London, May 2014
  • Does The MLC Consider Personnel of Offshore Installations to be Seafarers?, round table transport law de lege ferenda, Leuven, November 2013 
  • "The legal status of offshore oil and gas installations in international law: Are they 'ships'?", The Maritime Law and Policy International Postgraduate Research Conference 2013, City University London, April 2013