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Deepkiran Cheema

Optometry BSc (Hons)
Student speaker Deepkiran at graduation

"The best thing about my time at City is the wonderful friends I made - they gave me the confidence to do things I'd never had the guts to do."

How do you feel to have graduated from City?

I feel a mix of emotions; happy and overwhelmed, proud that I have achieved a BSc (Hons) in Optometry & Visual Science, sad that it has come to an end but excited about what the future holds. It's the end of an amazing era but the start of another unforgettable experience.

When I was chosen to be a student speaker, I felt humbled and honoured to have been given such a great opportunity to deliver a speech on behalf of Optometry. It was a surreal experience and I enjoyed every moment on that stage.

What was one of the best things about City?

One of the best things about my time at City is the wonderful friends I made. They gave me the confidence to do things that I thought I would never have the guts to do, this includes doing a skydive earlier this year to raise money for the Royal National Institute of the Blind.

What advice would you offer to new students and your fellow graduates?

City is a great institute with a huge reputation. You can be confident in knowing that you are being taught by some of the best and well respected lecturers and professors.

What do you plan to do now that you have graduated?

I will be diving straight into my pre-registration year as an optometrist. From what I hear it is going to be a tough and gruelling year ahead but I feel confident in knowing that I have been taught by some of the world’s best lecturers and am well-equipped entering the next stage of my career.