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Darran Martin

Children's Nursing (pre-registration) Postgrad Diploma
Darran Martin

Darran is a current student on City’s PGDip Child Nursing programme.

What was your main motivation to undertake postgraduate study at City?

I had previously worked in the charity sector for 10 years but wanted a more direct way of helping some of society’s people. The PG child nursing programme has been a great way to change career while advancing my educational attainment.

Why did you choose to study your postgraduate course at City, University of London?

I prioritised the 2 year PG over the 3 year BA/BSc, and was also aware to the heightened skills, experience and exposure I would gain from City and its partner trusts.

How has studying a postgraduate degree helped you to develop personally and professionally?

In addition to gaining the necessary skills and experience to becoming a child nurse, the postgraduate degree has motivated me to go on to completing my Masters in Public Health as I want to both deliver and shape the healthcare that we offer in the future.

What skills have you developed from this course? Have you benefited from the facilities and learning support at the University?

My critical thinking and communication skills have developed the most over the past 2 years while the simulated practice facilities at City have allowed me to develop my key clinical skills in a safe environment.

Could you tell about your placements; what you’ve enjoyed the most, and any challenged you’ve overcome?

All my placements have been amazing and varied from ward to ward due to the differing nature of the severity of illness or injury of each patient. The mentors and education leads have helped me attain my educational and development goals towards registration, ensuring that I learn and develop with each new placement. The hours can be demanding if you have other commitments outside of Uni (pt work etc.) and it can be emotionally challenging also, but you will have opportunities to speak to colleagues about these and how best to overcome them.

What are your career plans once you have completed your postgraduate degree?

I have recently accepted a critical care rotation role at a London major trauma centre and I am looking to continue my learning and development once qualified, alongside applying to start my Masters course in Jan 2019.

How do you think City has prepared you for the next stage in your career journey?

Very well!! I'm excited and raring to go!

What is one piece of advice that you would you give to people thinking about postgraduate study at City?

Make sure you are in the position to dedicate the time necessary to make a success of your studying and speak to different course leads to ensure it is the right course for you and meets your expectations.