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Claudette Ferro

Health Management

Claudette Ferro studied MSc Health Management at City, University of London, and is now a working at Infinite Possibilities for All in Texas, USA.

Claudette Ferro, after completing the MSc Health Management at City, University of London, is now working at a non-profit organization, Infinite Possibilities for All, as a Global Development Coordinator. We asked her about why she decided to study at City, and how she found her course.

Before City

For my undergraduate degree I began studying Biology with the aim of becoming a dentist, however, towards the end of my second year I realised Biology was not for me. I decided to switch to studying Business, and after a few general classes, Accounting caught my eye

At the same time, I studied overnight to become a registered Dental Assistant, and after graduating began working as a Dental Nurse and Assistant Manager at a multi-speciality dental clinic, which changed my perspective forever. I realised that I was never meant to be a dentist, but instead break down barriers to provide honest and high quality dental care to children. I had no idea where to begin, though.

Deciding on City

I travelled with my best friend to London for two weeks, and fell in love with the city’s history, culture, and people. It was in London that my friend suggested I pursue a career in healthcare administration. I spent my journey home researching graduate degrees and found City, University of London’s MSc in Healthcare Management.

The modules on the course were much more balanced than similar courses in the US, and provided the perfect combination of tools for me to merge my passion for business with my passion for healthcare. I was worried about studying in an unfamiliar education system, but City provided several learning support resources such as the Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) service, which I found particularly helpful.

Studying MSc Healthcare Management

My time at City allowed me to expand my roots both professionally and personally. This course allowed me to become more grounded as an individual by allowing me to find my voice. It also enabled me to confirm the next step in my career by identifying the kind of institution I wanted to be a part of and the role I would play.

While studying, I began an internship at the Royal London Dental Hospital, and on my first day was presented with a project regarding clinical coding, which was affecting reimbursement rates. My work was used to write a critical synthesis dissertation, and I was given the opportunity to present my audit findings to several directors, managers, and dental students. This internship was humbling, and allowed me to build long-lasting relationships with people in a range of clinical and non-clinical positions.

During my studies I also signed up for CitySpark, City’s business ideas competition, to pitch my social enterprise idea, Alinea. After presenting the idea to an audience, I was chosen to continue developing it, and had the opportunity to work with a group of multidisciplinary City students. I was able to learn more about myself, and grow confident in knowing that I have a lot to offer.

Working Life

Since I turned in my thesis, I have decided to travel to the mountains of Peru to establish a sustainable oral health project. It has been a dream of mine to make this project a reality and I am beyond excited to see it unfold. I am traveling to represent Infinite Possibilities for All, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization which provides health, nutrition, and education to children living in Andean communities. During my two week stay in Peru I will:

  • Consolidate an international liaison with the Peruvian Ministry of Health to officially invite and sponsor 20 NYU College of Dentistry graduate students to provide oral treatment to children and families in Peru for a total of three years.
  • Collaborate with Dr. George Bourne, Oral Surgeon and Specialty Registrar (StR) in Restorative Dentistry, from Barts Health NHS Trust. Educate and promote good oral hygiene techniques to 30 children from Escuela Winaypaq in Cusco, Peru.
  • Lead strategic oral health campaign and raise $25,000 by June 2020.

Additionally, I continue networking and am focused to land a managerial position at Texas Children's Hospital. I am eager as this is the beginning of my career in healthcare and the start of my philanthropic journey.

City’s Impact

I feel extremely grateful for my experiences at City, which enabled me to land my current job. The university allows you to meet an array of diverse people, and provides opportunities for adventure that allow you to discover more about who you are. It is an investment of time and money, but the rewards are infinite.