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Charlotte Bird

Charlotte Bird

Charlotte is a BSc Midwifery graduate from the School of Health Sciences. She is from a small town near Leeds and came to London to study at City.

Why did you decide to apply to study at City?

I wanted to go to university somewhere where the placement areas were in centre London so I could get as much exposure as possible to a range of complexity in Midwifery. I also had to pick somewhere where they would accept a social science such as my psychology A Level rather than one where biology qualifications were compulsory. The grade boundaries were pretty reasonable also.

What were the most important resources for you in helping you to make a decision?

I ordered prospectuses from pretty much all the universities offering Midwifery (they’re free so why not!?). Once I’d had interviews at City I joined the Facebook page for Midwifery where I was able to post questions to other prospective students and current students about what being a student at City is really about. I didn’t get the chance to attend an Open Day at City because it was so far away and I was studying for exams at the time but when I went for my assessment days the team there were able to give me a tour and answer all my questions.

What was your favourite thing about studying at City?

My favourite thing about City was the location. Don’t get me wrong; the traffic drives me crazy and the rent is expensive but there is something addictive about London that’s made me fall in love with the place.

What kind of things were you involved in outside of your course?

I have been a Marketing and Widening Participation Ambassador for the last two years now. I was involved in various different sports clubs at City Sport, and was a member at the gym there too. I was a City Buddy and an active member of a number of societies including the Midwifery society.

How have your experiences on placement been?

Due to the nature of my degree, I spend 70% of my time on placement at the same hospital in London over the 3 years. Within this I have had the opportunity to also gain some nursing experience on general nursing wards and work within specialist services that intertwine with Midwifery including mental health and sexual health services.

What would be your top tip for our applicants?

Make sure you go to the universities and get all your questions answered honestly and accurately before you make your choices. Students at Open Days will give you a realistic answer to what it’s really like to be a student there. That’s where you’ll get all the nitty gritty truths about that specific university and course. You’ll be surprised just how differently all the universities do things and the only way to know if that suits you is to go and immerse yourself in that environment.

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