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Chanthima Neth

Chanthima Neth

Chanthima is exploring the responsibility to protect people from Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, War Crimes and Ethnic Cleansing

Thesis title: “The Present and Future of ‘R2P’: An ASEAN Perspective”



Chanthima has obtained her Bachelor Degree in International Politics in City University London. She then continued on with an LLM in Law in City, which she specialises in Public International Law specifically the law on the use of force. She completed and obtained a 2:1 for her LLM dissertation: ‘Is the concept of ‘Armed Attack’ too vague?’ Chanthima then further pursue and specialise her PhD thesis in the law of the use of force.

Research Overview

Chanthima’s PhD focuses on the emergence and development of the concept of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ where States along with the United Nations Security Council ‘UNSC’ acknowledges their responsibility to protect people from Crimes against humanity, Genocide, War Crimes and Ethnic Cleansing. The focus of her thesis is regarding the clause where as a last resort. States along with the UNSC should resort to the use of force. This thesis is then linked to the role of regional organisations and how it contributes to international law namely ASEAN and their disposition towards the use of force and general intervention. The objective is to comprehend whether the increase in the role of regional organisations such as ASEAN help improve the practice of ‘R2P’. The controversy that this thesis will encounter is how ASEAN and its members are traditionally wary of intervention and the general use of force. She looks forward to carrying out more research for a compromise between ASEAN and ‘R2P’.